Take action: next steps to end the war

 In Afghanistan

Thanks to your constant pressure on Congress, 114 representatives voted last month to oppose funding for the war in Afghanistan—the highest number we’ve ever seen.  Unfortunately, the $37 billion for war passed, and we can’t relent until there is a clear end in sight for this war.

Click here to ask your representative to cosponsor bill to only allow military funding for Afghanistan if it’s used for a safe, orderly withdrawal, or thank him or her for cosponsoring. You will get a sample message based on whether your representative is a cosponsor. You can also see a list of cosponsors here.

Rep. Barbara Lee added a similar amendment to the war funding bill in early July, and it garnered 100 votes. With the major votes on the Afghanistan war behind us for 2010, this bill offers us an opportunity to keep getting representatives on the record as committed to a withdrawal of troops. There are already 21 cosponsors on the bill, and we need to build that number.

The Afghan War Logs released by Wikileaks put the truth about the disaster in Afghanistan on the table. July was the deadliest month for American troops in Afghanistan, part of a steady increase in the number of casualties. As election day approaches and representatives are campaigning in their districts through the August recess, we must hold them accountable to standing up for what’s right and end this war.  Click here to take action.

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