Money Talks, but Congressman Raul Grijalva Walks the Walk!

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In July, after the Congressional vote on war funding, Raul Grijalva wrote a blog entitled, A Credit Card for War, But No Cash for Teachers. He said ” We find it unacceptable that this Congress places a greater priority on foreign wars than urgent domestic needs. We have compounded our moral short-sightedness with utter fiscal irresponsibility.”

Raul has stood firm on opposing the war and for the urgent economic needs of his constituents in AZ and communities across the country.

And has for years. That is why I am very happy to be here in AZ working on Raul’s reelection campaign. That is also why he urgently needs your support in these final days of the campaign.

In 2005, when I was the co chair of United for Peace and Justice, we invited Raul to speak to an anti war rally of hundreds of thousands in Washington, DC. He urged the crowd to organize in our communities to end the war because the true costs of the war, both human and economic, would haunt us for years.

Raul’s Tea Party opponent Ruth McClung, has a gazillion dollars and a media campaign of ugly, racist fear mongering.

But here at Raul’s campaign office in Tucson the spirit is high. Volunteers of all colors and ages are busy stuffing envelopes and making calls.

Raul has people power and a fired up base. The recipe for beating fear mongering is a good combination of people power and money. But the people power is not enough when battling a highly financed big lie media campaign.

In the final days, Grijalva’s campaign needs more money to get out the vote. Money is needed for gas to ferry seniors and handicapped to the polls, more money to add phone lines. And even more money to keep ads on the air in the final days to debunk the lies.

At a Grijalva campaign rally last Saturday, House Representative Barbara Lee told the crowd that if Raul is defeated, it would be a set back for the entire progressive movement. Not only a disaster for the constituents of Congressional District 7, but for the entire country. And I would add, for the peace and justice movements as well.

So please donate what you can:

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