Deficit Commission – "Moment of Truth" or call to (Peace!) Action?!

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This week, the co-chairs of the President’s Deficit Commission issued their report entitled, “Moment of Truth.”

The report proposes to put the weight of the economic crisis on the backs of our communities while one in seven people are living in poverty and nearly 27 million cannot find a job. They propose extending tax cuts to the wealthy which would cost $700 billion in new debt.

It’s a moment for action – Peace Action – to push the only good idea the Commission came up with: calling for about $100 billion in Pentagon cuts.

But more can and should be cut. Peace Action helped develop theSustainable Defense Task Force proposals because we know that ending the wars, closing military bases around the world, and taking the money from modernizing the nuclear weapons complex is the best way to deal with the federal budget deficit.

What can we do now?

We, in the peace movement have to come out swinging in this debate. We must help our communities understand that federal spending priorities must change. We have to stop pouring more money into the Pentagon and wars and to enrich the wealthy, and start dealing with fixing the broken economy. It’s a revenue crisis, not a deficit crisis.

  • Write a letter to the editor: The media is in a full tilt spin on this issue, and we have the opportunity to raise hell in the pages of our local paper!
  • Call Congress: 202-224-3121 The Commission’s report is the opening shot for the battles in the next session of Congress.
  • Tell your representative: The time is now to “move the money” from the Pentagon budget and the wars to deal with the deficit and meet the needs of our communities.  Yes, to the extension of unemployment insurance. No, to cuts in Social Security and Medicare. The wealthy must pay their fair share of taxes!
  • Email your Congressional representative and include the linkfor the plan for Sustainable Defense Task Force proposals for $960 Billion in Pentagon budget savings.


Judith LeBlanc
National Field Organizer
Peace Action

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