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Last month, Republicans slashed and burned their way through the federal budget, gutting critical programs in an ideological drive to cut billions of dollars in spending. While the military spending juggernaut saw an $8 billion increase, Republicans eviscerated diplomacy and development programs that prevent conflict, create stability, and improve lives around the world.

The fact is, in spite of their track record of effectiveness, policy makers routinely dismiss and underfund peaceful alternatives to war. That’s why we need you to Stand Up.

As we squander $8 billion each month on the failing war in Afghanistan, it’s clear that we urgently need a new response to global problems. When all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. And right now our government has a massive $700 billion military hammer that has been wreaking havoc around the world. Meanwhile, diplomacy and development account for less than two percent of the federal budget.

If you agree that we need a change, its crucial you add your voice. Our warplanes and missiles have powerful advocates in the massive weapons industry lobby. Meanwhile, our political culture rewards politicians who get behind an aggressive, military driven approach to US foreign policy, no matter what the costs. Add to that mix the fact that most politicians think Americans don’t care about programs that help lift people out of poverty, bring stability, and resolve potential conflicts peacefully. Click here to join the Stand Up campaign and raise your voice for peaceful alternatives to war.

By joining the Stand Up campaign, you will learn about proven ways to build peace through our monthly newsletter. As someone who understands the need for peaceful engagement in an interconnected world, you will help us combat misinformation about these programs. It also means taking a stand when it counts, and letting politicians know we demand real, peaceful alternatives. Click here to Stand Up.

Stand up with us, for people whose lives have been torn apart by war. Stand up for women and children whose futures could be made brighter with a chance at an education, and a stable, peaceful home. And stand up with the Americans who strive for a future where our resources are not wasted on war.

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