If not now, when?

 In Afghanistan

If the death of Osama Bin Laden doesn’t end the war in Afghanistan, what will? The United States’ declared enemy number one was killed in Pakistan last week. It’s definitely time to bring our troops home. We need you to add your voice to that call.

With bin Laden’s death, there is renewed momentum behind the call to end a war that is costing us $8 billion per month. Please ask your representative to cosponsor a new bipartisan bill to set an end date for the war in Afghanistan. Click here to take action.

The operation that targeted bin Laden proves the point we have been making for years—the way to protect Americans from terrorism is through smart intelligence work, not hundreds of thousands of troops occupying a country.

In 2009, President Obama pledged to begin a withdrawal from Afghanistan in July. Now, after months of reports that the Pentagon has been planning a withdrawal-in-name-only, are signs of a renewed debate in the White House about the size of the withdrawal.  That is why there is no better time than now to make your voice count. Click here to tell your representative to cosponsor Rep. McGovern’s Afghanistan Exit and Accountability Act.

The Taliban just announced a spring offensive against US troops. The violence against Americans and Afghans is only going to get worse. It’s time to pull the plug on this disastrous, costly war. Take action today.

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  • James Rogers

    Except for token withdrawals, the troops probably won’t be coming home until war-making becomes unprofitable. As long as the moguls make money from war games, the war games will continue.

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