Call today: Cut nukes, cut the deficit

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Many on the right are calling on the deficit reduction “super committee” to save billions by slashing Medicare and Social Security, while calling for increasing our bloated nuclear weapons budget.

Your representative has an opportunity to support significant cuts to the US nuclear weapons budget—if he or she acts right now. Rep. Ed Markey of Massachusetts has written a letter to the super committee urging them to cut nuclear weapons spending, not healthcare or education. Rep. Markey is asking other members of Congress to add their signatures to his letter, but they only have until the end of Friday to sign. 

Call 1-800-427-8619 TODAY and tell your representative to sign Rep. Markey’s letter to the super committee calling for cuts to nuclear weapons. Then click here to tell me how your call went.

Use this sample message as a guide, and add your own words:

“My name is [your name] and I live at [your address]. I am calling to tell [Rep. X] to support cuts in nuclear weapons spending by signing on to Representative Ed Markey’s letter to the super committee. It’s irresponsible to reduce the deficit by making billions of cuts in domestic programs that are important to me while spending billions on dangerous nuclear weapons that do not keep us safe. I hope that [Rep. X] will sign the Markey letter by the deadline, this Friday.”

Click here to see a list of the representatives that have signed the letter. If your representative is not on the list, call them now at 1-800-427-8619.

Rep. Markey will stop accepting signatures after Friday, so there is only a little bit of time for representatives to sign the letter. Please call 1-800-427-8619 and your representative to sign Rep. Markey’s letter to the super committee. Then report back on your call.

Thank you for making the call.

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