Stop US support of Bahraini crackdowns

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Remember how inspiring it was last spring as oppressive governments toppled like bowling pins?

Now it’s fall. The Pentagon has learned nothing.

I was disgusted – but not surprised – that the Pentagon is  gearing up to sell millions of dollars of military gear to Bahraini forces involved in brutal crackdowns on peaceful democracy activists.

We can support the people of Bahrain and their hopes for freedom by getting Congress to  block this sale. Please act now.

As you probably know, the actions of the Bahraini government were some of the most violent last spring. [1] What you might not know about –  the media having moved on to other issues – is the continuing violent repression of peaceful protests. Opposition leaders and journalists are being rounded up and thrown into jail for as long as life sentences. There are reports of torture and four people have died in custody. Shockingly, medical workers who simply treated injured protesters have gotten as long as 15 year sentences.

Continuing a policy of propping up dictators is morally wrong. It’s also a foolish, obsolete foreign policy. Write today and ask Congress to stop the U.S. from aiding Bahraini government oppression of its own people.

The peaceful activism of the Arab Spring has continued into summer and fall and it still inspires me. But we don’t need to simply stand by and passively be inspired by such bravery. You and I can support this fight for democracy.

Thank you for taking action for peace.

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