Syria needs peaceful solutions

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We heard your message loud and clear. Thank you to all of you who participated in our poll on our work on Syria. An overwhelming number of you urged us to focus on promoting peaceful solutions in Syria, while opposing military intervention.

Click here to take action to push the Obama administration to help find a nonmilitary solution to the Syrian crisis.

This past weekend, countries in the Syria action group met to work on a plan for a peaceful transition of power in Syria. While they made some progress, many are taking a fatalistic view of the plan and throwing up their hands.

As thousands of you told us last week, we can’t afford to give up on peaceful solutions for Syria. Take action now to tell President Obama and Secretary Clinton to push for nonmilitary tools and oppose military intervention.

The international community needs to step up now. More than 14,000 Syrians have died since the uprisings began. According to opposition groups in Syria, last Friday was the bloodiest 24 hours since the beginning of the conflict. There are steps the international community can take to bring about a resolution in Syria, but only if they commit to finding a peaceful path and avoid the potential pitfalls of trying to solve this problem with more guns and bombs.

Add the diplomatic challenges to rising tensions on the border between Turkey and Syria, and there is serious risk of escalating this conflict. Now is the time to tell our government not to go down the road to war we’ve been down too many times before. Take action to promote peaceful solutions in Syria.

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