Act now: tell the Senate to stop dangerous cuts

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This week, the Senate is planning to vote on the international affairs budget—money for everything from nuclear nonproliferation to vaccinations to conflict prevention to feeding the poor. Some senators may try to slash the budget, which is already far too low.

Take action now. Tell your senators to vote against amendments to cut the budget for alternatives to war.

For far too long, the military budget has been a massive hammer and every problem from terrorism to human rights abuse is a nail. We can’t change that unless we rein in the bloated military budget and invest in tools like diplomacy and development that can prevent conflicts and make lives better.

Groups around the country are mobilizing people to make sure the Senate doesn’t make a shortsighted mistake on international affairs funding. Will you add your voice to our call?

This year’s budget for diplomacy and development will be setting the standard for the tight budget for years to come. We need to make sure we have as much support as possible for a strong budget. Click here to take action.

Thank you for standing up for peace.

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  • kara j lincoln

    thank you PAW for this support.

    legislators, i am writing to urge you to vote against any amendments to the “minibus” bill that would do anything accept delete all funding for nuclear/all weapons in the Energy and Water budget.

    We already spend billions every year on outdated and unnecessary weapons and this budget increases every single year, even while we are reducing our nuclear arsenals. There is no need to add any more money on the Senate floor, and I don`t want awareness sacrificed for any spending on nuclear weapons and bomb plants.

    especially as in the 2012 Farm Bill is a good ex: it is so uncomprehensible. PAW take a look at the weapontry bill please. along with the National Nuclear Security Administration’s defense Bill. showing confusion, to stop them all.
    we can restore creative energy, as our potential for jobs are unlimited as we reassess our natural biomes potential + reconstruct. giving us the soundness so folks can be supported to rid their baggage, vs. be enslaved with it.

    taking parts while creating solutions + stop buying over priced product/service from those w/dull sensors, unable to see for the betterment of the whole

    are you enslaved with this dysfunction of the governing body you choose to stay in. or is it you personally that is unable to redirect.

    these ideals are what i’m presently working on as i apply for our USAID/Div WASH Grant for the poorest countries on this earth. i`m showing how we can start in the US + the students developing this focus directed tool will do just this as we show the who, what + where it goes when it should be going to people locally everywhere, simoultaneously as they do the same.

    we the people now can thread, supporting those unable until able, here is a few ideals for you to add to in your walkabout:

    Our objective is to share how special our community can be if we restore it`s ecological soundness for wild biodiversity. Would you like to take part in this + Create a cooperative community tool shed, to restore our natural habitats. Supporting all to regain sharp sensors for mental clarity, inner peace, physical energy, with creative expression. supporting part time those unable until able or a continued support system including the local students to participate. all can equally take part. Producing a natural community that sustains our self-development for harmony. As we create energy efficiency, make a pen pal/buddy system + aid each in a interchangeable role, supporting incentives/credits toward our continued education. Where we support all to rid baggage, self-satisfy, continue exploration, as we gain awareness to leave no footprint.

    We would like to do this with your support, for the local students to – Open the School Doors + Come in to include the Community – for all to self-develop as we network + share what works, gaining hands on experience.

    We invite you to share your needs, offerings, as you engage + log in, if you need more space please add;

    Name + best time to interrelate + how – short wave, internet, telephone, mail, fax. Where. how many in house (each explain) – type wood/brick – boat, single family
    house, camper, hotel, coop housing. Would you relocate if was supported or move your home, if you + your local community defined the land use was best for wild development to be expanded, as in a trans-boundary migration, river flow or rid dam, tree planting, small natural grown farm field. Do you have an extra room/space to donate for a meeting/gathering/student or community member unable + in need of short term stay or homeless, if the community can come together in a shared plan for support for rehab/restoration, etc.

    Present ER/or difficulties (or know of another in need), needs + offerings, invest/desired return now/later, $ or energy, sensitivities

    Are you interesting in evaluating your energy consumption, explain your consumption + change you would like. Ex; if use electrical appliances check the back for amps, present use vs. desired equipment that you are soon to acquire or would like to have in community to share such as bulk grain grinding, specific tool, etc… Ventilation system type.

    water use # gallons per day + filter/pump system – Brita or like, reverse osmosis, desalinization, collector, well, city, pond, grey water recycled –
    used for what – garden, field, yard, washer, shower, bath. Do you have a pest problem such as mosquitoes, bugs in house/garden, etc.

    present power source + amount used – propane, fuel oil, diesel/gas generator, solar, wind mill, other. Present bill amount monthly.

    do you compost/have garden or interested in a community compost/garden/CSA. Do you have space for a perennial foraged/annual shared community garden. Space for pile of lime + to dig a pond where species could be put in to kill mosquito larvae, clean water for own consumption or offer ex: water + lime for natural disasters to use for drinking/bathing as well lime for building outhouse.

    would you like to learn about or coop the buying/selling of whole natural grown/raised local/some from afar, foods for self + animals/soaps/dairy/homeopathy/herbal medicines, bees for honey, goats for cheese/milk, chickens free range + veg fed, where you use own containers. Means to sell/obtain own above or wild caught fish/seaweed/foraged food.

    would you like to share your thought in a community conversation/debate to define your community restoration + for your own self-development or supported care. To define if it is more energy efficient to network + bring in sensitive/skilled in a subject unaware of. or as in defining if an energy grid should plug into a larger grid. Or if a product that the community uses should come from afar vs. be produced locally. share if you would offer assistance in researching, etc. We invite folks that are leaving/or know of those leaving a negative effect on life, whether a human or animal or our habitat, to come + share this transparency in a `tapering transition support system. (if want to protect your privacy we will allow you to contact us with a name/act without having to leave yours) where the community can help rethink with those that perceive solutions. as the flow of natural healthy balanced energy is restored. Prioritizing those misusing/abusing, along with a reasonable form of hands on action, for folks to recycle + make it right or let another take over, step down from a position or remove/change the position or policy. This can be a dispute between a few people or a community debate or a legislative act that is being irresponsibly, energy consuming, but not a law suit, this we don`t support – rather we try all means to share solutions, etc.

    Please explain what you would like us to do if we notice you are misusing/abused in a way that you are unaware of. yet you are not open to suggestions or may feel offended + not want us to persist. yet we may be able to share /reflect experiences that could help you stop this negative issue. many communities are without good natural simple support groups to reflect with. so many people take what they do, that perhaps has been carried down from our loved ones attempts to survive, + think it is normal. we believe all can regain sharp sensors with a little support to bring you back into our local community as an equal participant. so together we build our community for all to become aware to be a local, global + beyond participant. responsibly we can end all aggressive acts.

    we feel together we can do a tally system that will efficiently fuel us to gain awareness to restore each of us to our potential, along with maintaining discipline of our self-sensory observations vs. belief. to remove the policies/understandings of waste. As government/market is redefined + land use zoning co_evolves with our discoveries. So as new innovative ideals are built upon not to compete, rather to communicate with locals to see what is needed to come in or to be removed/recycled/nurtured. So as to have no military. No more expense do_in for any other, interfering in their ability to do for self. accept to share what works. + come together for those unable in our next` move aiding our neighbor until able. Only good local police as they are supported, along with each of us holding our self + others accountable locally + at the end of our reach. along with restoring our natural community within it`s natural limitations, with skilled to enhance, prioritizing our wild to sustain it along with us + our small farms, preventing pests. such as in agro-ecology, with Ex; Prof Miguel Altieri guiding if no locals have this understanding.

    Thank you again. We hope this inspires you to settle for nothing less than self-satisfaction as you continue to explore, leaving no footprint. we have been so thankful to be able to reflect with patches of people that have gathered to build special communities. where music, smells of fresh grown local food fill the air. as community comes together in a `way potluck. laying issues on a cloth/table as they work thru them or network for ideals to trigger that which they can bring home + fine tune for their biome/ecosystem. or simply celebrate along the way with a priority` performance. as all stay in the moment with what simply sustains us as we `rejoin our self + cooperatively `plan our community. please offer what we fail to add here or set us straight if you feel there is yet another way.

    thank you for taking part in change for all to harmonize.

    please use our virtual forum for yourself, for another or 1 of you post for your community. + help us make it a good tool as we gather + share what works efficiently. Google has yet to thread so please open a document, then open the ctrl l box + type in url;

    Please write to let me know what action you will take.

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