Send the Senate some Sense!

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As early as next week, the Senate will consider amendments to end the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and cut Pentagon spending.

Over the summer, we sent a strong message to the President. Thanks to your work, a record twenty-seven Senators signed a letter to the Administration calling for withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Let’s beat our record! Send a message to your Senators today

It just makes sense.

The Global War on Terror has become the longest, most expensive war in U.S. history. Our nation spends more on the military than the next 17 nations combined. Now, our economy is wrecked and conservatives are threatening cuts to critical human needs. It’s time to move the money!

But after three months of talks, the bi-partisan members of the so-called Super Committee have announced they’re giving up. With a mandate to identify over $1 trillion in federal spending cuts over the next 10 years, the committee has failed to reach an agreement.

Shackled by corporate lobbyists, the Super Committee has failed to make the sensible cuts to Pentagon spending that we need to save our nation’s economy.

Let’s send the Senate some sense! Send a message to your Senators to vote in favor of amendments to end the wars and move the money.

Thanks to your calls, comments, letters to the editor, and even protests, Congress has not been able to escape the mounting public pressure to Move the Money from wars and weapons to human needs.

Let’s keep up the pressure!

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