Deadline Friday: we need your help

 In Afghanistan

Earlier this month, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta revealed that the US plans to end combat operations in Afghanistan in 2013, far ahead of schedule.  The New York Times called it a “a major milestone toward ending a decade of war.”

But proponents of endless war aren’t going to give up, so we can’t either. Urge your representative to sign a letter to President Obama before Friday supporting this plan to accelerate the transition in Afghanistan.

We can’t rest on our laurels. Sen. John McCain, who yelled an ornery “NO!” during a vote on ending the war last year, said this decision gives “reassurance to our enemies.” And he’s not alone.

Your refusal to stop fighting for an end to this war brought us to where we are today. Now our voices must drown out the hawks who refuse to accept that it’s time to leave Afghanistan, and we have to act before the week is over. Urge your representative to show public support by signing on to the bipartisan McGovern/Jones letter on Afghanistan.

The administration’s decision is smart policy and smart politics. We need to make sure they don’t backtrack. That means pushing for an ever quicker, complete withdrawal so we can welcome our troops and tax dollars home. The deadline for the letter is only a few days away. Take action today.

Thank you.

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