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What happens on Election Day is a snap shot of everything that has happened before that day: our daily experiences, the debates on TV and around the dinner table, and countless polls. Then voters become the deciders.

Before Election Day, the peace and justice movement must find every way possible to raise the issues that matter and stir up debate. Our issues must be at the center of the political stage.

We need to question the candidates and write letters to the editor to affect what voters do on Election Day.

We are asking that you start by signing a voters pledge. And ask your friends and family to do the same.

We need elected officials who will:

Cut funding on weapons and war, and move the money to create jobs and meet the needs of our communities.

• Overturn “Citizens United” because corporations are not people, money is not free speech and war profiteering is not defense.

• Reduce the number of U.S. military bases around the world. Our economy can no longer afford, and does not need, a 20th Century global military presence.

• Pursue a foreign policy premised on diplomacy, international cooperation and human rights, not the interests of the military contractors or the 1%.

Sign the pledge to send the message to candidates that peace and justice movement has a plan.

Poll after poll shows people want the government to cut Pentagon spending and fund human needs. A recent survey showed 80% of voters in Congressional districts represented by Democrats and 74% in Republican districts favored lower military spending – putting them at odds with their Congressional representatives.

A Voters Pledge is taking a personal stand that contributes to growing a movement that can have an impact on government policies.

Peace Action’s local affiliates are busy doing Congressional voters guides and other Get Out the Vote organizing because it is one tool in the movement building toolbox.

Don’t you think that the candidates for Congress and the White House should tell us what they will do to end the corporate and Pentagon robbery of resources needed for community services, or how they will revamp foreign policy from wars and occupations to promoting a more peaceful world? Sign the voters pledge!

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