Congress is making it easier to go to war with Iran

 In Iran

Today, we joined our friends at Oregon PSR on a piece in The Oregonian on how Congress’s actions on Iran are making it easier to go to war.

Last week marked one decade since the invasion of Iraq, a time for sober reflection. Do we understand the folly of wars of choice, or could we make the same mistake? A bill moving in the Senate that makes war with Iran more likely reveals that Congress may not have learned the lessons of Iraq.

Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., who voted against war in Iraq, has joined 76 senators in co-sponsoring a bill that would put the Senate on record urging military, diplomatic and economic support if Israel were to decide to attack Iran. (As of this writing, Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., has not co-sponsored the bill.) This bill is the most egregious in a string of congressional actions that could form the building blocks for a war that could make Iraq look like a walk in the park.

History teaches us that the run-up to war is often not one dramatic event, but a slow burn that suddenly turns into a blazing fire. History is now repeating itself on Capitol Hill.

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  • Paul Franzmann

    War is never the right response to a problem. We should have learned how devastating it can be when war is ginned up, carried by the media, and sold to the public as something legitimate in the aftermath of Iraq.

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