Paul Ryan Faces Pressure to Help Communities Transition From Wars to Peace

 In Pentagon Budget

By Judith Le Blanc Peace Action Field Director

Paul Ryan Caricature

Paul Ryan Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

On April 30, Peace Action WI did a “bird-dog” action. We mobilized a number of people to attend the Paul Ryan town hall prepared in advance to ask questions about jobs and cutting the Pentagon budget and the “defense transition” proposals drafted by Miriam Pemberton, from the Institute for Policy Studies.

The “Defense Transition” proposals provide ways for the Congress to address the job loss that will come about due to cutting the Pentagon budget. It outlines ways to help the workers who will be laid off and their families. It also highlights governement programs that already exist to help local elected officials, communities and military contractors transition from being dependant on wars and new weapons to convert to production for civilian needs.

The “bird-doggers” asked Paul Ryan if he’d be willing to take congressional action on creating a committee to study and implement a framework for defense transition assistance.

 He said his “mind is open” (no wise cracks, please!)
In WI, we are also mapping out a response with labor and community groups to the announcement of 1,200 workers being laid off at the Oshkosh Corporation. If you have friends, family or members of your organization who live in Oshkosh, WI who could join this effort, please let us know.
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  • protoprotestant

    In some ways the Imperial project has established an impenetrable economic model. Our economy is virtually a war machine. Defense is just an Orwellian euphemism.

    We are modern Assyria. To shut down the war economy would virtually wreck the Empire and thus I don’t think they’ll ever let it happen. Sorry to be a total cynic, but I think some sort of collapse is probably the only way this will all end.

    But….by all means if your/our efforts can facilitate this happening a little quicker then amen. I realize that’s treasonous to many, but if we’re Christians our loyalty is first and foremost to the Christ’s Kingdom.


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