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Even the NRA can’t win all the time.

Last month, the UN General Assembly voted to pass the Arms Trade Treaty, a goal Peace Action West and groups around the world have shared for years. The NRA tried to derail the treaty, but they were drowned out by the voices of activists around the globe.

We need to keep the momentum going. Tell President Obama to sign the treaty when it opens for signatures in June.

The Arms Trade Treaty will help stop the flow of deadly weapons that are responsible for millions of deaths and injuries every year. The treaty had overwhelming support, passing the general assembly 154-3.

If President Obama signs the treaty as soon as it opens, it will send a powerful signal. It will show the world that the treaty has the support of the United States. It will show the gun-conspiracy-peddling groups that the administration is not backing off.

The opponents of this treaty won’t go away quietly. So we can’t go silent either. Drown them out again by telling President Obama to add his signature to the Arms Trade Treaty next month.

We still have a long road to getting the treaty ratified by the US Senate. But a strong commitment out of the gate is an important step in the right direction. Take action today.

Thank you for helping to bring a little more peace to the world.

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