How much will we pay for the Pentagon?

 In Action Alert, Pentagon Spending

What will it take for politicians to get the message that Pentagon spending is out of control?

Yesterday, President Obama released a budget that ignores automatic spending cuts and proposes more than $600 billion for war and weapons.

They won’t get the message unless we deliver it to them, loudly and often. Take action now to push for cuts to wasteful Pentagon spending.

Unfortunately, the president’s budget priorities are out of whack. It funds wasteful weapons systems, but it cuts Social Security benefits. It increases money for nuclear weapons, but decreases funding to secure loose nuclear material.

Now Congress has to step up and make some cuts. We’ll be on Capitol Hill next week bringing your message to Congress, and we need your voices behind us. We can’t expect action unless we demand it. Send a message to your representative and senators now.

Thank you for raising your voice.

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