Action Alert: Call Congress and Demand Cuts to Pentagon Pork!

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In the next few days the House of Representatives will vote on Pentagon funding. Some of our friends in Congress will offer amendments to cut overflowing Pentagon coffers.

While our communities lack money for vital services, should shoveling more of our tax dollars to the wasteful, reckless Pentagon really be our nation’s priority?”

Make a free call to your Representative NOW at 877-429-0678 and say:

“Please vote for amendments that cut the Pentagon budget without affecting troop benefits and bring all our troops home from Afghanistan before 2014.”

Your Representative is deciding now on how to fund the Pentagon. They need to hear from you that we need more funding for our communities, not for Pentagon waste.  Your Representative will need to decide on how to vote on likely amendments that:

*Bring our troops home from Afghanistan before the President’s deadline of 2014;

*Axe unneeded and wasteful weapons such as the F-35 Jet, V-22 Osprey plane and Abrams tank;

*Cut nuclear weapons and troops abroad.

You can reach your Representative in their Washington, DC office by calling toll-free 877-429-0678 between 9-6 PM Eastern.  Or you can find their local number here:

We will know more about which amendments will make it to the floor on Wednesday and we will post updates on our blog to keep you informed as it happens.

There are only a few times a year that Congress votes on the important Peace Action issues you care about.  Please call now and forward this email to your friends, family and colleagues.

Humbly for Peace,


Kevin Martin
Executive Director
Peace Action

P.S. – Stop out-of-control Pentagon spending by calling your Rep. now, toll-free, 877-429-0678 and forward this important email to as many people as possible!

*Thanks to our friends at Friends Committee on National Legislation for the toll-free number.

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  • Ms. Kris Durschmidt

    I want all Americans to know the trueth!! I have been a victim of the US Patriot Act (a Targeted Individual) for 10plus years!! I am asked all you citizens and Congressional members who see this post to respond to me now!! I have have repeated murder attempts on my life, chemicals in chemical trils to kill me (Bioware Fare) poured over my house routinly for 10 plus years, the evidence is all over my house making me and my cats sick!! I have the deadly Morgellons from the sick chemical bioware fare chemicals and their is no cure!! The sick Military/Pentagon employees have gone into all my jobs and got me fired, I’m on the Federal Exclusion List, they have me trespassed out everywhere I GO, AND THREATEN ANYONE WHO TELLS ME, THAT IT WILL BE A FEDERAL CRIMINAL OFFENSE TO TELL ME. I HAVE BEEN GANG STALKED, AND THEIR SICK MILITARY EMPLOYEES KILLED 3 OF MY CATS, AIR ASSAULT ME TO DEATH, HAVE A SATALITE WITH MICROWAVES FORCED ON ME THAT WILL EVENTURALLY KILL ME AND MORE. I need an attorney NOW, the US Surpeme Ct. Dismissed my case 3 times and will not even Docket it!!..this is unjust, unconstitutional and illegal, stop this NOW!! My Senators McCain and the rest of the sick evil doers are guilty of my murder attempt and torture and premature death, it will cause! Please get me an attorney now!! …The sick evil doers of the US Un-Justice Dept, refuse to stop or help me!! They are obviously part of the sick murders!! Get with it, the government has been using “mind control” on many citizens for a long, long time!!!!…you will never have the answers till you accept this trueth!!! Help NOW!!!
    I’ve only been an Animal Rights Activist, 54 year old single female and been tortured for 10plus years!!

    .Ms. Kris Durschmidt
    2005 North Pennington Dr.
    Chandler, Az. 85224

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