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It’s make or break time for diplomacy with Iran.

Next month, Presidents Barack Obama and Hassan Rouhani will be in the same place for the first time, attending the UN General Assembly in New York. An overture toward the new Iranian president could help kick-start diplomacy and avoid another devastating war.

Let’s raise our voices to make it happen. Sign our petition to President Obama calling on him to seize the moment and reinvigorate diplomacy with Iran.

Efforts that could sabotage diplomacy with Iran are already well underway. Just this week, a prominent pair of politicians—a Republican and Democrat—called for sanctions on Iran that will “bring the Iranian economy to near-ruin.”  If you were the new president of Iran, would you interpret that as an invitation to start productive talks?

We are pushing back hard by launching our Seize the Moment campaign. We are working with partners around the country to mobilize thousands of people and build a groundswell of support for President Obama to reach out to Iran’s new president. He’s going to face intense pressure to keep squeezing Iran rather than engage in smart negotiations. Lack of diplomatic progress will fuel calls for more aggression and put us on a path toward war.

If we want to stop the run-up to war, we need to drown out our opponents now. Please sign our petition to President Obama urging him to meet with Hassan Rouhani next month.

Your signature will be delivered with thousands of others to the White House right before the UN General Assembly. We can’t afford to be silent now. Thank you for taking action.

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