Tell President Obama "Don't Try to Put Out the Fire in Iraq With Gasoline!"

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by Kevin Martin

Tell President Obama “Don’t Try to Put Out the Fire in Iraq With Gasoline!”

Believe it or not, some are responding to the escalating violence in Iraq with calls for U.S. military intervention. Have they learned nothing?

Please take action: Tell President Obama not to try putting out the fire with gasoline – no U.S. military intervention in Iraq, invest in diplomacy and international cooperation instead.

The advance of the forces of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is no doubt alarming, but not a complete surprise in the context of deep social, ethnic, religious and political divisions in Iraq and the wider region. Our former Executive Director, David Cortright, has a sensible, concise post on this issue you might find illuminating.

Contact the president and send this alert to friends, family and colleagues you believe would want to take this action. The people of Iraq and the region need peace, reconciliation and development, not more war and definitely not U.S. bombs or troops.

Please take action to let the president know more war is not the answer.

To learn more about the situation in Iraq, here are a few recent articles you might find illuminating.

New York Times article on the current situation and consideration of U.S. military intervention

The Guardian on the collapse of the U.S.-trained Iraqi Army as ISIS advanced on Mosul

The Guardian again on the spread of ISIS in Iraq and Syria

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  • Oliver Robinson

    greeting to Peter Deccy.President Obama know about the people in Iraq, that place is curse with a curse, for over two thousand years the people in Iraq has been fighting each other, no fire will help them what thay want is for U.S troops to help and
    fight for them

    • Oliver Robinson

      the people in Iraq was so evil until the preacher Jonah did not want to go to Nineveh which is call Iraq
      today but after Jonah preach to them thay turn from their violence ways for a few years and then the same thing started again, so no gasoline fire will help the curse in Iraq from Rev Dr.O.D. Robinson Psy.D contact me at any time the key word is let them fight

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