Is ISIL ‘Banking’ On Inaction?

Over a year ago, just as the US bombing campaign on the so-called Islamic State was beginning, Peace Action issued a call for measures we believed then, and still believe, are more effective than [...]

Budget Brinksmanship is Back

Government funding runs out tomorrow and the Republican leadership is holding the budget hostage to try to pass poison pill riders on issues from blocking Syrian refugees to stopping the [...]

Making Connections

It’s been a tough year for our planet.  As it draws to a close, let me make my case for your continued financial support. Peace Actions’s community-based, frontline organizers provide issue [...]

112 Reps Call for Increased Funding to Address the Refugee Crisis

Yesterday, 112 House Representatives sent a letter to the Chairman and Ranking Member of the House Committee on Appropriations calling for increased funding to address the greatest humanitarian [...]