Statement on North Korea's nuclear weapons test

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From Christine Ahn, Peace Action Advisory Board member and a lead organizer of last year’s women’s peace delegation to North and South Korea:

“It’s a very very unfortunate turn of events that North Korea tested a hydrogen bomb, but an even greater reason for the United States to end its futile policy of “strategic patience” (i.e. waiting for the North Korean regime to collapse) and engage. We need the peace movement that mobilized for the Iran deal to press for a peace treaty with North Korea, which Pyongyang has recently appealed for and was a promise made 63 years ago when Washington signed the armistice agreement with China and North Korea temporarily halting the war. It’s what the South Korean peace movements have been calling for, and we need the U.S. Public to become aware of this history.”

One important note on this event is there is substantial skepticism the test was a hydrogen/thermonuclear bomb, it might have been an atomic/fission bomb boosted with tritium.

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  • paschnn1

    Why not check back into history and discover whom was responsible for dividing that nation? The same trickery involved in splitting Vietnam et al. This crumbling nation has serious problems within itself that must be corrected before ANY chance of true peace can be reached. Isn’t it odd that the icon of communism was saved from defeat by the treacherous Roosevelt and the people of the U.S.? when one steps back and looks at it, it is ridiculous to think the “leaders” of the most powerful nation on earth, (most evil?), were too stupid to see they were sustaining a monster and they had NO idea the Bolsheviks were mass-murdering tens of millions of Russian Christians/ Muslims throughout Eastern Europe, Russia. Ukraine etc. Further, what part of “we are the only nation in history to use nuclear bombs on another nation’s people” makes this particularly treacherous nation capable of wagging it’s finger at ANYONE seeking the same technology?

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