Action Alert: House Voting to Kill Iran Deal

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The Iran hawks are wasting no time.

Tomorrow a bill will come to the floor of the house that would kill the Iran nuclear deal by taking away the president’s ability to provide sanctions relief to Iran.

The Iran nuclear deal was one of the biggest victories for peace and diplomacy in a long time.  We can’t rest on our laurels. We have to stay active and mobilized to protect that victory for peace.

The bill I’m writing about is called the Iran Terror Finance Transparency Act. But it’s not about “transparency.” Now, just as Iran is pouring concrete into its Arak nuclear reactor and shipping nuclear material out of the country, the hawks want to take away the president’s ability to uphold our end of the deal. By taking away the president’s ability to comply with the sanctions relief provisions of the deal, the bill would cause the deal to unravel. Iran would retaliate by reversing course and we’d be thrown back into full-on conflict.

Unfortunately, this bill is likely to be the first in a series of efforts to kill the deal.  That’s why we have to mobilize now and hold the line to make sure we don’t lose any supporters in Congress. The Iran hawks have allies in both parties and they have the cash to bankroll a sustained lobbying campaign. We must mobilize the grassroots muscle of the pro-peace community again or we’ll allow the hawks to grab defeat out of the jaws of diplomatic victory.

Can you make a call today to tell your member of Congress to vote no on this effort to kill the deal?


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  • Renita McDaniel

    This country absolutely needs to be stopped from going to another country for multiple reasons.

    The situation in Syria is one example of how disastrous arming belligerents to overthrow governments can be.

    No one can possibly think that Syrians lives have been made better by this war.

    There are also several stories of immigrants creating havoc in the countries that took them in. It is unclear if these are immigrants from Syria or Africa.

    Some cultures do not respect women and the recent action of these men is inexcusable. If the stories are true, women are even molested in public places.

    It is a mess, but these wars do not seem to be changing the behaviors of these men. We have been in Afghanistan for years, and there are still stories of abuse against women.

    Even more frightening is that women in our own country are treated very poorly now. There is very little help given by police. In the past women escaped countries with no regard to women’s rights to come here, so they could be allowed to be divorced. They could also get some assistance to escape abusive situations. I do not think this country is much better than any other country in the world now.

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