Let Exxon Keep T-Rex – We Need a Real Diplomat

 In Trump Administration


It’s time.

Rex Tillerson, the CEO of Exxon Mobil, has a hearing tentatively scheduled for next week before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee where the committee may vote on whether or not to send his nomination to the Senate floor for a final vote on his confirmation.

You and I know what this means… it means our window to take action to stop corporate interests from governing our foreign policy for the next four years is closing.

Now I know what some of you are thinking. Trump is already going to be president, so how could it get any worse. I’ve felt the same way at times, but the truth is, it can get worse… by letting the CEO of the world’s largest oil and gas company run the State Department.

Call your Senators today and urge them to oppose the confirmation of Rex Tillerson as the next Secretary of State. You can use Peace Action’s Capitol Hill line: 1-844-735-1362.

For the better part of his life, Tillerson has been working to advance Exxon’s interests, even when those interests are in direct conflict with American ones. In 2011, Exxon negotiated a deal with the Kurdish government in northern Iraq to buy its oil, despite American diplomats’ efforts to negotiate a plan for sharing Iraq’s oil with various factions in the country in an effort to reduce the sectarian tensions driving conflict in Iraq.

In other words, Tillerson put corporate profits over the stated foreign policy interests of the U.S. government, and in the process undermined stability in Iraq.

Under Tillerson’s leadership, Exxon has been funding organizations that work to block legislation to address climate change. And despite some reporting to the contrary, Exxon continues to fund organizations that flatly deny the the human role in climate change.[1]

Day Against Denial to Fight Trump’s Cabinet – January 9th

On Monday January 9, there will be vigils and protests at district offices of Senators across the country asking them to block Trump’s team of corporatists and climate deniers. Can you join Peace Action along and many other progressive groups to fight Trump’s Climate Denier cabinet?

Find a Day Against Denial event near you by clicking here.

With Tillerson at the helm, Exxon has had an egregious record on human rights. It established a shipping terminal on Sakhalin island in Russia without consulting with the indigenous population or conducting a mandatory ethnological review. And it accused members of the press who criticized Exxon’s climate record of committing the crime of “conspiracy.” The Secretary of State has a critical responsibility to respond to human rights violations abroad, and Rex Tillerson simply can’t be trusted to respond appropriately.

In order to stop Tillerson, we need to get every Democratic (and Independent) Senator, and at least 3 Republican Senators to vote no on his confirmation. That’s a tall order, but it’s possible if we stand together and unite against a foreign policy driven by corporate profits and oil.

Please call your Senators right now at 1-844-735-1362 and urge them to oppose Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State.

Thank you for standing with us.

Humbly for peace,

Jon Rainwater
Executive Director
Peace Action

P.S. There will be vigils at Senators’ offices across the nation on Monday, January 9. Click here to find out where.

P.P.S. Don’t forget to make that quick call to your Senators urging them to oppose Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State. Call the Capitol switchboard and ask for your Senators at 1-844-735-1362.


[1] Climate Change Denial Right at Home at Exxon-Funded ‘Shadow Lobby’ Meeting, Greenpeace, June 3, 2016

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  • Debra Lessard

    Trump you are a fool. I do not care how much money you made in Marketing. You have ZERO experience with Government. You tweet your intentions to the world. You are not some damn teenager. You are a SEXUAL PREDATOR. A accused rapist of an underage girl. The guy who said he loved when meeting women that he could GROPE their Pussy’s any time he wanted. He said he had to kiss beautiful women. He is so wacked he believes he is God’s gift to women. What a BOZO. He has the hair too. Trump is going to be a puppet, period. Your Sec. of State pick is a joke. In fact, most of your cabinet picks are dangerous JOKES.They are the Foxes guarding the henhouse. Most of these men have been investigated for bad behavior. Fraud, theft. Treason for leaking more Classified information then Hillary’s private server ever did. You, Trump, are a fool. You will line your business up and then once you have deals in place you will step down. You should not be Sworn in until CONFLICTS OF INTEREST ARE SETTLED. This man, an oil executive is not what Sec. of State are made of. He will not be making profit deals. You really are unfit. A woman abuser. As Sexual Predator. A man who knows nothing but lies and greed. You who voted for him are the real fools. Boy, he fed that BS to you with a spoon and still you believed him. You are either very stupid or you are a very low information voter. Low information voters are the most dangerous voters. They have half truths and lies. You cannot live in denial as if these policies will not affect you, Sessions they will. From Nazi’s in the White House. Along with a KKK, sympathy Sessions is a bigot. He is a Racist. he believes women should have no rights. Trump I wish you would just step down now. You are woefully underqualified. The Constitution is the law you must obey. It explains everything to you. What is ok and what is a crime. I want the Electoral College failed us all. Hamilton Electoral College was created so that a fair and free Congress would not allow a man to be President who knows nothing. The Electoral College is to pick the most qualified person. They didn’t do that. Hillary was the one ready and knows more then Trump can even imagine. The Fake News put out to destroy her including Wikileaks . Not researched to see what was the truth and what was a lie. The Media blew it. He made allegations of a fixed liberal press. YOU and GOP have like 1200 radio stations spewing that filth and lies. Plus a Monopoly with Fox on every cable,satelite. Fox only tells the truth 64% of the time. You have been used. You are cult followers. He is nothing that will help any of us. He will Never do what he lied to you about. He doesn’t have the power. Congress has the Power. President is a figurehead. Trump you are a shameless overweight man who believes he is GOD’s Gift to the world. He is an idiot.

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