If you liked Iraq, you'll love Iran

“If you like Iraq and Afghanistan, you’ll love Iran.” That’s what General Anthony Zinni says about bombing Iran. So why is Congress pushing us closer to military confrontation? Click here to tell [...]

Paper tiger? Putting Iran in perspective

One reason arguing for smart diplomatic engagement with Iran is challenging in this country is the excessive hyperventilating about the threat from Iran. I saw the epitome of this in a meeting [...]

What the US should (and should not) do to support democracy activists in Iran

This post is part of Unite 4 Human Rights in Iran day of blogging. People around the world were inspired by the massive protests that broke out after Iran’s disputed presidential election, and [...]

What does the Iranian election mean for US policy?

By now you surely have heard about the controversial results of Friday’s election in Iran. While polls in Iran are notoriously unreliable and the election results were considered hard to predict, [...]

My Two Hours With Ahmadinejad

For nearly three years, Peace Action has been a leader in preventing the Bush Administration from conducting a war on Iran. In 2006, we coordinated a meeting of key nonprofit leaders and founded [...]

60 Minutes Interview UNCOVERED

This is from PhillipWeiss.com Since Kevin and Paul are leaving this week to go listen to Ah,adinejad I thought it would be appropiate to post this here. Report: ’60 Minutes’ Cut [...]