If you liked Iraq, you'll love Iran

 In Iran

“If you like Iraq and Afghanistan, you’ll love Iran.”

That’s what General Anthony Zinni says about bombing Iran. So why is Congress pushing us closer to military confrontation?

Click here to tell your representative and senators to oppose war with Iran and support diplomacy.

As the US prepares to restart negotiations with Iran, Congress is threatening to undermine these sensitive talks. Hundreds of representatives and senators are supporting a bill to lower the threshold for military action against Iran.  How many disastrous wars do we need before Congress learns its lesson?

If we want to keep that number from growing, Congress needs to hear from us NOW. Take action now to tell your representative and senators to oppose these bills, and to get behind real calls for diplomacy.

The “get tough on Iran” crowd is in Congress’s inboxes, on their phone lines, and in their offices. There are lawmakers who are pushing for positive congressional action, but the pressure on them is intense.

Your voice is needed now to drown out the saber-rattlers. Take action today.

Congress must not back the administration into a corner, with no option left but another war that would be devastating for Iranians and Americans.

Thank you for taking action.

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