Please Call Your Rep Now to Oppose the War in Iraq and Syria

As you know, last week President Obama announced that he was going to send nearly 500 more troops to Iraq on top of the over 3,500 already sent.  Add to this 17,000 airstrikes over the region at [...]

Continuing war in Iraq? Unbelievable.

“Dammit, make a decision.” These are the words new Defense Secretary Panetta had for the Iraqi government, pushing them to decide whether to keep American troops in Iraq beyond the December 31, [...]

DNC calls for "significant and sizable" withdrawal from Afghanistan in July

At their winter meeting in DC, the Democratic National Committee gave Obama a major push on Afghanistan by passing a resolution calling for a “swift” withdrawal, including a “significant and [...]

Congressional progressives urge Obama to change Afghanistan strategy

Leaders of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and its newly formed Afghanistan Taskforce have sent a letter (pdf) to President Obama urging “a comprehensive rethinking of our military mission, [...]