Continuing war in Iraq? Unbelievable.

 In Action Alert, Iraq

“Dammit, make a decision.”

These are the words new Defense Secretary Panetta had for the Iraqi government, pushing them to decide whether to keep American troops in Iraq beyond the December 31, 2011, deadline.

But the American and Iraqi people already made a decision. We want this war to end. So why is the administration practically begging the Iraqi government to extend the war?

Click here to tell your representative to cosponsor the Iraq Withdrawal Accountability Act, which prohibits funding for keeping troops and military contractors in Iraq after 2011.

Many of you have been with us since 2002, campaigning vigorously to end a tragic war in Iraq that never should have begun. We successfully turned public and congressional opinion against the war, and President Obama rose to the top of the presidential primary pack because of his early opposition to the war. Now the president is on the verge of breaking his promise to end the war, considering leaving thousands of troops on the ground after the agreed-upon deadline.

As the congressional super committee starts working on a plan to find $1.2 trillion in savings, the last thing we need is to extend a deeply unpopular war, costing more tax dollars and risking more lives. We need Congress to send a clear message to the administration that this war must end on time. Click here to tell your representative to cosponsor Rep. Barbara Lee’s Iraq Withdrawal Accountability Act.

Thank you for your vigilance.

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  • Jeannine Jacobs

    US troops protecting Big Oil interests, mining interests, perhaps other unmentionables, is not what our founding fathers had in mind for protecting the homeland, and not what the taxpayer has agreed to provide for. What is the cost of this war, the true cost of foreign oil—one billion a week? It defies logic and is an obscene way to redirect a whole culture (the conservative, progressive and the fundamentalist Muslim culture). The public knows the score, now—we need to use these precious monetary resources for diplomacy and sustainability, not the military “theatre”. Obama will loose his base if he capitulates his end game. “We can do better!”

  • 4051 W. Viking, Las Vegas, NV 89103

    I thiink Obama has proven already that he is willing to be the conductor in America’s current path toward a train wreck.

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