FP at the DNC: what did you think of Obama's speech?

Democrats are typically known for running scared from foreign policy, especially in a hotly contested election. In 2012, however, it was Mitt Romney who held back on global affairs in his [...]

DNC calls for "significant and sizable" withdrawal from Afghanistan in July

At their winter meeting in DC, the Democratic National Committee gave Obama a major push on Afghanistan by passing a resolution calling for a “swift” withdrawal, including a “significant and [...]

Why we Protest

It works!  Our own Jonathan Williams – Peace Action’s SPAN Coordinator marched with IVAW and thousands of other protestors to block the way of Democratic delegates until they let an [...]

Larger than Expected Protests at the DNC

Thousands more will work to steer the election on this issue after the conventions in one million homes across the country. WASHINGTON, D.C. – Democrats may have believed that most activists [...]