US Veterans Demonstrate Against the Iraq Occupation

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  • Rev Dr.O.D.Robinson

    The war in Iraq has not giving the USA any peace,the Bush Administration
    has fail the American people, in my opinion Sen. McCain will also fail the American people, his idea in my opinion is the same as the Bush Administration, in my opinion the Gop should have Invited Saddans Hussein
    to the table inorder to talk about world peace, I believe as a communty organizers if Obama is the next President he should try to tell Ben Laden that the American want peace and not have to live in fear, and terrorism
    so that the stomest weather and flood water and the wild firer,we may be winning the war, but the attacts on the fund in the USA is hurting people manyare losing their home cars and jobs and banks are almost at the point of losing
    in my opinion because of the war in Iraq, thay believe if used 9 Milliom dollar
    a month that the people in those countrys believe thay are winning,
    we need a change,start thinking American let get real for a change.

    Sign by

    Rev Dr O.D. Robinson Psy. D.
    Community Organizers for an out reach community

  • barbpa

    I agree with most of what you say. I don’t necessarily think that Bin Laden is going to be open to discussion – he is, let’s be honest, bent on the destruction of any society unlike his own (just like the neocons). I do think that Obama’s background as a community organizer will help him as president to be more diplomatic and seek out mutually beneficial compromises. I think that his take on Iran demonstrates this.

  • Rev Dr.O.D. Robinson

    I my opinion it just like change a Pastor in some Churches will help,some time people just get tire of the old ways ,in my opinion Obama has learn the hard way of living,in my opinion Ben Laden have fear that is the reason that he is hiding he is just a man,he is not a God but a man with jealousey,and he want to harass the America people,to keep us in fear but remember Jesus said fear not,for I am the lord God, and not Ben, My father was a indians he always live in fear,But we the people of the United States,are strong,the key word for me is try not to provokes anger but peace, I grow up
    in the state of Mississippi,we as children was afraid of the white man,for some reasons,
    but we had to learn better as we gat older,in my opinion Obama has some of the skill
    with a vision in mind he is for a new day a new time in America,in my opinion as a community Organizers,like I am you learn so much,I am a psychology major,to deal with the other person mind you learn from other,you know when people have fear as thay talk, thank you for your web site, my God bless America.

    I see you when I see you
    I would send my picture but I do not know where to send it to I am not hiding, i love America, we much have love and joy and peace.

  • barbpa

    Hey! I was born in Jackson and my family all hails from Louisisana and Mississippi – we Southerns know better than anyone in the U.S. about struggle and oppression. The community organizers in Biloxi, NOLA and Galveston will rebuild those cities with our without help from the Bush administration. We can only hope that if Obama becomes president he’ll support their effort.

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