Why we Protest

It works!  Our own Jonathan Williams – Peace Action’s SPAN Coordinator marched with IVAW and thousands of other protestors to block the way of Democratic delegates until they let an [...]

Week of action report: Las Vegas

Cara, Teresa and April in front of Sen. Reid’s office As part of our Week of Action for the No Soldier Left Behind campaign, and to follow up on our Nevada mobile’s work to highlight [...]

Iraq & Afghanistan Tolls

Those who died in Iraq from Aug 17 to 23: Cpl Travis Stottlemyer 20  Hatfield PA George Stanciel  40  Greenwood MS 77 were seriously wounded. 96 were returned to occupation. 95 Iraqi sisters and [...]

Larger than Expected Protests at the DNC

Thousands more will work to steer the election on this issue after the conventions in one million homes across the country. WASHINGTON, D.C. – Democrats may have believed that most activists [...]