Did Petraeus forget something about July 2011?

Today, General David Petraeus published a letter to the troops in Afghanistan about what’s ahead in the coming year. He praised their efforts and let them know to expect “much hard work” in 2011 [...]

It’s time for an exit strategy in Afghanistan

In President Obama’s historic speech in Cairo last week, he laid the groundwork for significantly changing the US’s interactions with the Muslim world, shifting to a relationship based on mutual [...]

Civilian aid reform can enhance security goals

President Obama continues to state that the military alone will not solve the problems in Afghanistan. In a May 16 interview with Newsweek, he admits that “we aren’t  going to succeed [...]

Take action: support calls in Congress for an exit strategy for Afghanistan

Congress will soon vote on an additional $83 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. President Obama’s plan for Afghanistan and Pakistan includes an important emphasis on diplomacy and aid, [...]