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Will you help Protect the Squad?
We can’t afford to lose Jamaal, Cori, Summer, Ilhan, or Rashida from Congress.

Peace Action needs your help in building a massive grassroots effort to challenge one of the most hawkish, reactionary forces in the U.S. on issues of war and peace: the pro-war lobby group AIPAC (the American Israel Public Affairs Committee).

We’re going to need YOU to join us in a massive opposition to this reactionary force. AIPAC and their Super PAC are threatening to spend $100 million against ceasefire-supporting members of Congress this election cycle in an attempt to unseat progressive, pro-peace members like the Squad — and they’re doing it through millions in contributions from Republican billionaires, corporate interests, and many of Donald Trump’s biggest donors.

Every member of the Squad is up for re-election this year, and five of these young, working-class, Black and brown progressives are facing serious and well-funded threats to their U.S. House seats: Jamaal Bowman, Cori Bush, Summer Lee, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib.

Peace Action is teaming up with dozens of progressive, pro-peace groups to raise the alarm and bring our progressive movement together to Protect the Squad from being ousted in 2024.

We’re working to raise $100,000 for the five most vulnerable Squad members before April ends. Can you chip in now to directly support Jamaal, Cori, Summer, Ilhan, and Rashida today?

The Squad is made up of some of THE most progressive, pro-peace members of Congress fighting for the bold change our communities, country, and world deserve. Since they were first elected, these representatives have gone to bat for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza, cutting the bloated Pentagon budget, the Green New Deal, a livable minimum wage, criminal justice reform, affordable housing, and so much more.

But their pro-peace, pro-ceasefire positions have made them the top targets of hawkish special interests, right-wing millionaires and billionaires, and the Democratic establishment who are threatened by their fight to change the status quo.

GOP megadonor-funded groups like AIPAC are threatening to drop $100 million on attack ads and hand-picked challengers to unseat these Squad members in the primary and general elections this year.

In visit after visit in Congressional offices on Capitol Hill, members of Congress or their staff have repeatedly told us “AIPAC was just in here making the opposite arguments to yours.” This has been true from AIPAC’s support for the Iraq war, to nuclear diplomacy with Iran, to the war in Gaza. But while their pro-war, anti-Palestinian arguments are flimsy, they are always backed by mountains of campaign cash.

There has never been a time when our movement has been more under threat. But this level of spending is happening because our strategy is working: our pro-peace, progressive movement has real power in Congress that wasn’t built by corporate dollars or compromising our communities, it was built by all of YOU.

This is why — despite the millions of dollars coming down the pike — we don’t just believe, we KNOW we can win. The AIPAC network would not be spending what they are if they didn’t think so too.

Our secret weapon is what it has always come down to: organized people power. Our candidates have beaten corporate and right-wing super PAC money in the past, and they can do it again with our movement’s help.

That’s why we need to come together ASAP to combat AIPAC’s funneling of right-wing money into democratic primaries with the power of our grassroots movement and build the resources needed to stop them from ousting a single member of the Squad in 2024.

Show Jamaal, Cori, Summer, Ilhan, and Rashida that you have their backs in this critical election year. Rush a donation now to help protect and re-elect the Squad!

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