Iraq Toll

Those who died in Iraq from Aug 12 to 18: Sgt Alicia Birchett  29  Mashpee MA Sgt Andrew Lancaster  23  Stocton IL Sgt Scot Kirkpatrick  26  Reston VA Sgt William Scates  31  Oklahoma City OK Spc [...]

Iraq toll

Those who died in Iraq from Aug 5 to 11: Spc Daniel Reyes 25 SanDiego CA Sgt Bradley Marshall 37 Little Rock AR Spc Charles Leonard Jr 29 Monroe LA Sgt Joey Link 29 Portland TN Spc Justin [...]

Misleading the American Public on Nukes

Earlier on this blog I commented on Sen. Hillary Clinton’s attack on Sen. Barrak Obama and his stance on nuclear weapons. Frankly, I believe (like many of you) that neither candidate has fully [...]

Wrestling with Modern Imperialism

“All I know is that you have participated directly or indirectly in the crime.” Why is Half of Iraq in Absolute Poverty? By: Layla Anwar This is a line from an article written by an Iraqi woman [...]

Presidential Canidates Callus on Nuclear Question

Barack Obama’s statement, last Thursday, that he would not use nuclear weapons “in any circumstance” to fight terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan and drew criticism from chief [...]