Room for Diplomacy in Iran – from the Washington Post

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The Washington Post printed a Peace Action West letter in response to last week’s article about the “failure” of diplomacy with Iran:

Room for Diplomacy on Iran

Regarding the Aug. 9 news story “In the Debate Over Iran, More Calls for a Tougher U.S. Stance”:

The article’s reference to the “failure of carrot-and-stick diplomacy to block Tehran’s nuclear and regional ambitions” falsely implied that the Bush administration has pursued and exhausted constructive diplomatic options with Iran. A serious diplomatic effort would involve talking directly with the Iranian government without preconditions, which this administration has refused to do. The administration also undermines the ability to engage in productive dialogue through hostile rhetoric and saber-rattling.

It is clear that military action against Iran would be disastrous and that it would probably accelerate any attempts by the Iranian government to pursue nuclear technology. It should also be clear that pragmatic, sustained diplomatic efforts have succeeded in the past and are our only hope for resolving tensions with Iran.


Political Director

Peace Action West

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  • DR. Erk Erginer

    In the Aug. 9 news story “In the Debate Over Iran, More Calls for a Tougher U.S. Stance” the writer has almost gotten everything either wrong or twisted. There is no space here to answer all the delusions of the writer. Here are a few essential comments/points:
    1- Iran has been a peaceful country for over two centuries. US has definitely been an Imperialist-warmonger state.
    2- US has staged a coup d’etat in Iran and have been messing with Iran for the longest time due to the “occupation of WDC” by the so called zionist neocons. Yes, our nation’s capital is an occupied territory, my friends. (See; Killing Hope: William Blum)
    3- US is arming the middle east to the hilt and showing hostile attitude toward everybody, and imagine this, including our allies. ( Richard Perle threatens the Turkish Prime minister suggesting that the US can stage a coup d’etat in Turkey as we did before.) How disgustingly neocon-ish.
    4- The Bush administration was termed the worst in the history and should be impeached immediately. Perhaps a Lincoln style government that includes Democrats, Greens and Libertarians; perhaps others should be established for the sake of the future of our country and the world. However there is no mechanism I know of, under Bush admin., to accomplish this. I defer to my Political Science colleagues to state a constitutional mechanism.
    5- While the Bush administration is influenced by the neocon- zionists the democratic party is mostly “made up of zionist neocons” who openly push onto Cheney-Bush administration a policy absolutely in favor of “The zionist and Jewish state of israel” and against all nations of the Middle East and the rest of the world.

    This means that while the US can still be considered a state where religion/church and state are separated, Israel is a apartheid Jewish state which can impose upon the US their version of the middle East Policy.
    6- All of this and many other items indicate that the neocon’s policy dictated to Bush coupled with the imperialist wishes of oil and war machine, especially the nuclear / space war machine, may bring the world to a River of no return.
    Erk Erginer, Co-Chair Piedmont Green Party, NC.

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