People in Glass Houses Should Not Throw Stones

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Yesterday, Iranian President Mahmouhd Ahmenajad spoke at Columbia University.  His appearance was met with controversy and intrigue around our country.  Everyone was so upset that Columbia would let a known dictator speak at their University.  None seem to respect the fact that he is a President of a country which is critical to the future of our foreign policy. 

As a Nation we condemned what were certainly archaic statements regarding the Holocaust and plainly idiotic statements about homosexuals in his country.  Without a doubt Ahmenajad is a dictator with bad ideas and a horrible human rights record.   

It bothers me that we point fingers at Iran for the human right violations there and never look to our own human rights record. 

Even if we refuse to look in our own backyard why was the same media frenzy not given to American University when we hosted the leaders from Saudi Arabia.  No doubt a country, like Saudi Arabia with well known violations of human rights would have garnered the same media attention; that is, if human rights and holocaust denial were why he was such a controversy.  But it did not.   

Now, what about his nuclear weapons?  We don’t know anything about his nuclear capabilities, because we have never actually sat down and worked with him directly.  The Bush administration continues to accuse Iran of developing nuclear weapons, but we know how accurate his intelligence on WMD’s is. 

So, what did Ahmenajad come to Columbia for?  He came to provide another perspective perhaps not one we agree with – but isn’t it time we learned to listen to, debate, and confront the views of other nations with diplomacy and intelligence.  I condemn human right violations, nuclear weapons, preemptive strikes and unresponsive non-democratic governments.  I know how hard it is to live under these conditions – because I have been living that way since Bush took office.  We have documented nuclear weapons that we proudly wave in the face of other states.  We have been waging war for a little over half a decade in a country that never attacked us.  I cannot make either statement about Iran.  Before we point fingers at Ahmenajad, let’s hold Bush accountable. 

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  • aMmAr

    a very rationale post. its quite surprising that despite the fact that most Americans have a very reasonable and logical approach towards politics but have BUSH for President.

  • Patricia C. Gilbert

    I agree with everything said here. How sad that we have an administration like this. Even more sad for the people who voted for him.



    An issue, to be brought out on the Culture of the Middle East, not just Iran.

    Saudi Arabia.
    Much has been written about the abuse of human rights in Saudi Arabia as the royal family follow a strict version of Sharia (Islamic law).

    Women’s rights
    Amnesty International has received many reports of trafficked women being subjected to various human rights abuses, such as enslavement and other restrictions on their liberty, as well as torture, including rape and other forms of sexual abuse.
    Treated as criminals, and illegal aliens, rather than as victims of these abuses.
    Asked whether women’s rights are in jeopardy, Shalvi noted, “I think one has to say, `Yes.'”

    Egyptian civil law, in accordance with Islamic law,
    women receive only half as much as men.

    Torture and Cruel, Inhuman, or Degrading Treatment or Punishment .Women in Jordan run the risk of violence if they talk to an unrelated man,


    The primary legal underpinning of women’s equality is contained in the Iraqi Provisional Constitution, which was drafted by the Ba’ath party in 1970. Article 19 declares all citizens equal before the law regardless of sex, blood, language, social origin, or religion. .BUT As a result of these combined forces, by the last years of Saddam Hussein’s government the majority of women and girls had been relegated to traditional roles within the home.
    Women in Iraq, are at present fighting for rights under the newly formed government.
    What rights the new Iraq will offer women is still not clear. What is perhaps clearer is that the women’s movement has been put on hold, like everything else.


    Iran like all Middle East Countries, fall behind in
    women’s rights do to the culture of Islam, as with
    all its neighbors, but improvements have been seen
    with the rights movement. The Guardian Council has ratified a bill granting women more divorce rights.

    It is very apparent that Women’s rights have been
    and still are at issue in all Islamic Communities
    and beyond. Culture on one hand. Organized Crime
    Trafficking OF women in Israel on the other.




    Pressure local, state, and federal governments, for “Fair” taxes from all institutions and corporations.

    America is no longer recognized as a christian nation.
    It is recognized as a Nation becoming controlled by foreign lobbies.

    Such as AIPAC & Associates, that have been undermining for the

    benefit of Israel, and the Jewish faith.
    We will either deal with it now, or we will deal with it at the

    cost of our Nation as a Moral–Christian Country.
    We have witnessed six years of this “Zionist-movement”

    leading our nation in the complete wrong dirrection for

    America, and the rest of the “World”.
    In defiance of the American people’s wishes, when push

    comes to shove, the U.S. government manages to

    support a hostile Jewish State.

    A Zionist movement, of injustice, and corruption.

    “All Palestine should be returned to the Palestinians and other occupied lands should be returned to their owners. And the Zionist enterprise should cease to exist. Only then will the misery wrought by Zionism disappear.”

    This may take some people by surprise, but the UN has not used the term “Jewish state” since 1947. Resolution 181 then called for a “Jewish state” and an “Arab state,” with gerrymandered borders designed to craft Jewish and Arab majorities in each state. But the attempt was rendered obsolete when Zionist forces established “Israel” on a much greater swath of territory that had, in total, held a substantial Arab majority, and expelled most of the Arab residents. As refugees, according to the Geneva Conventions, those Arab residents have the right to return to their homes, villages, towns and cities. But their return would eliminate the Jewish majority in what became “Israel,” so Israel hasn’t allowed this.

    Hence the UN cannot confirm Israel as a Jewish state (i.e., a state that can legitimately sustain a Jewish majority) without contradicting international law regarding the right of refugees. When the UN refers to “Israel” today, it does not understand Israel as the “Jewish state” in the old ethnic-majority terms of 1947, because Israel can be granted no “right” to an ethnic demography that would prevent the return of refugees.

    Also, times have simply changed. In 1947, ethnic nationalism still made some belated sense, although it was already discredited by the dreadful abuses wreaked by Germany and Japan. Today, recognizing the “right” of any state to compose itself legally as an ethnic-majority state would clearly flout UN conventions on human rights and non-discrimination. The UN and EU therefore cannot openly endorse Israel’s right to compose itself as one. It would make hash of international efforts in Rwanda, the Sudan, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Kosovo, and many other crisis spots.

    So the US has lured the EU, Canada, and Norway into a trap. If they hold that Hamas must recognize Israel as a Jewish state (with a right to preserve an ethnic-Jewish majority), then they must state clearly that it endorses ethnic-majority governance. But them themselves cannot explicitly endorse Israel’s right to ethnocracy, because it would contradict international law as well as its own diplomacy in a host of other conflict zones, so on what grounds do they require Hamas to do so?

    The delemia of Americans and American Politics has nothing to do so much with are you a “Republican” or are you a “Democrat”. ( IT IS ARE YOU ACTUALLY AMERICAN) ???

    We all know, the Arab league of Nations knows,the World knows, and most Jews agree, that the land occupied by ISRAEL supported by AIPAC,that they are not entitled to it. YET, when they have developed the White House into their EMBASSY they will continue to, the real detriment to the United States and the rest of the WORLD.

    Now to realize that the Fascist coupe, that has occurred, is a take over of both parties,
    Of both houses, now it does not matter. No one takes a second look at impeachment,
    or to hold ANYONE accountable.

    It is a sad state of affairs. America no longer has a real choice. We vote only as an impudent citizen.
    Our choice is based on, vote for a female, vote for a black, vote for a conservative, vote for a liberal,
    Vote for an actor, but the REAL ISSUES for AMERICA are off the TABLE,

    Bush’s White House has been the West Wing of the Israeli government; how Washington’s revolving doors send full-time Israel lobbyists from think-tanks to the National Security Council and the Pentagon’s Office of Special Plans.

    Claims that there are positive aspects of the U.S.-Israeli relationship seldom stand up to scrutiny.

    ” A preacher of the gospel ought not to be patiently listened to those, who eloquently promotes the blessings of liberty or occupation by WAR ,as if they make them free, while in fact hold their fellow-humans, administer torture,
    death and distruction. Take their property and resources in a most dreadful and lacerating bondage.” Might that be the
    precise reasoning for separation of Church & State?

    The American government has become the epitome of everything we once opposed. Russia is not communist any more, but the American government, under the domination of the Jewish neocons (who are former communists) acts more and more like the communists have acted for decades.

    The corruption of, and the “WAR FOR PROFIT”,
    Led by the republican–Israeli organized crime syndicate has brought this country to the point of bankruptcy. Led by, but with the purchase of several
    Polarized individuals, from both sides of the isle.

    Not only bankrupt financially, but moral values,
    ethics, and all domestic issues.

    One would think from that, that the Churches and synagogues are a branch of the Government, a public institution, whereas they are only semipublic, being under the control of a special group of patrons, and as such should be taxed and made to pay the same as any other self-aggrandizing corporation.

    The State now should not permit them to go tax free, and should, should it not? enjoy and participate in any money-making of this nature, which is certainly no legitimate function of religion. Then look close at the MONEY!!

    Tenth Circuit Court addressed, and held that “tax exemption is a privilege, a matter of grace rather than a right.”

    The question of tax exemption for churches is clear: the foundation has been laid for taxing church property and perhaps even church income.

    As the budget deficits of the federal, state and local governments increase, the possibility of taxing church property also rises — despite the long history of tax exemption.

    We are sick and tired of the “Zionist-Movement” the cost of the “WAR” they demanded, the amount of holdings & investments rather then any amount of return to the community. The threat of the late Falwell to use 200,000 preachers to preach his message from the pulpit is not only wrong it is unlimited use of propaganda!

    The American People will now DEMAND, fair

    taxation of all religious institutions, and all


    George Bush has surrendered his presidency completely to this foreign power and shames every real American who has pride in our country.

    The Church organizations in this country bought into this Israeli propaganda

    along time ago. Seemingly, and wrongfully agreeing with the human rights

    violations, abuses and genocide for the last 60 years.

    It is time our complete system of governing, foreign policy, and foreign influences be REFORMED.

    Do not “underestimate” the “anger,” “frustration,” and “determination,” of your citizens who demand “justice and fairness.”

    William H. Rehnquist spoke for the court:
    Both tax exemptions and tax deductibility are a form of subsidy that is administered through the tax system. A tax exemption has much the same effect as a cash grant to the organization of the amount of tax it would have to pay on its income.

    The significance of this decision is often overlooked. If tax exemption is a form of subsidy, then church property tax exemption is a clear violation of the establishment clause of the First Amendment. All that is necessary to make church property tax exemption a thing of the past is for an irate taxpayer who is tired of high taxes to file suit to force churches to pay their “fair share.”

    The Court will have to make such Constitutional decision soon.

    Blackwater has received more than $832 million in contracts from the State Department. They claim to have 1,000 employees in Iraq. That is a cost of $832,000 per man for Security. To most of us, that price would fall into “Killers for hire” category.

    Regardless, investigations into the USA officials and contractor corruption, will not be covered up by claiming more secret classification, censorship of the media, and blaming the corruption on the Iraqi’s alone.

    The only way to stop it is “MONEY”. Stop the dam funding of the corrupt war in the first place.

    Hold this administration accountable. Impeach and charge the WAR crimes.

    Freeze all funds connected. IRS investigations on all corporations and institutions involved.

    Blackwater, is taking the heat so far, but in reality other contractors (criminals) have much more to answer for, such as

    Halliburton/Cheney—Brown/Kellogg & Root. Plus Plus..

    The questions and investigations need to take place. People need to do their jobs, or is it? Be allowed to do their jobs.

    THIS should be an all out organized crime investigation and prosecution.

    American’s are ashamed of all of you. The UN and Interpol needs to investigate, prosecute, and set sanctions against the USA..





    New reports in the past week have revealed how extensive the illegal spying operations conducted by the Bush administration on the people of this country have been — and it started within five weeks of Bush taking office. Quest telecommunications CEO for instance, revealed that the administration had demanded the phone records of US citizens starting six months before the September 11 attack. The mass violations of civil rights and civil liberties carried out by this administration has outraged people across the United States.

    Hillary’s Cell Phone Spying to be Probed.
    Hillary Clinton over her position on government surveillance, capitalizing on allegations in a recent book that Clinton listened to a secretly recorded conversation between political opponents.
    “Hillary Clinton’s campaign hypocrisy continues to know no bounds. It is rather unbelievable that Clinton would listen in to conversations being conducted by political opponents, “Team Clinton can expect to see and hear this over and over again over the course of the next year.”

  • Ronald L. Waldron

    Letter to Editors, more importantly American people:

    The 50 State strategy: Rid DC of AIPAC & Israeli influence..

    Unprecedented Numbers of Americans Question Israel’s Actions in Gaza

    About time, it has taken sixty damn years..

    Why?? Corruption, lobbies, money to government officials,
    and of course ZIONIST propaganda from the PULPIT.

    Then we have a controlling eliment of our mass media,
    that edits (censors) what we read & hear.

    Gaza atrocity
    Is this a civilized government – the bombardment of thousands of defenseless Palestinian men, women and children?
    Palestinian death toll hits 635 as Israel keeps pounding Gaza Strip indiscriminately.
    Norweigan doctor calls it a “hell,” and says Israel is “bombing 1.5 million Palestinians in a cage.” He also says out of the hundreds of killed and injured he has seen being received at the hospital he’s volunteering in, he saw only one resistance fighter casualty.
    The Washington Establishment, which played such a big role in enabling the crimes of George W. Bush’s administration, is adamant against holding anyone accountable – and indeed considers those who would suggest such a thing to be crazy.
    Fourteen Characteristics of Fascism :
    Does it describe Israel, the USA or both.(A COALITION)
    The reality: (Organized crime syndicate)
    The American People Say “Yes We Can” WE CAN CHANGE IT !!

    Please forward:


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  • Ronald L. Waldron

    Feel the “HEAT”

    Lessons learned, and will it matter in the future? Winning or losing the hearts & minds of the little guy, the citizens and voters.Does it matter? History will now tell our politicians that it does matter,Americans do pay attention. They allow you to hang yourself, and give enough rope to do so. The truth regarding WMD does matter. Testifiying, and sworn testimony does matter. The facts surrounding the 911 commission matters. Our constitution and bill of rights do matter to us. How the rest of the world views us, matters. Human Rights violations any where, matters. The death toll and distruction in another Country, matters. Foreign lobbies, special interest, and corruption does matter. Out sourcing our jobs & economy does matter. Pre-emptive War, needless secrecy, profiteering, no bid contracts, cover-ups, and checks & balance does matter. EPA, violations of clean air, water, and soil laws, matters. Equal rights for all, matters.Including worker rights regardless of immigration law,it matters. Fair foreign trade agreements matter, including proper labor law and human rights issues.Slavery matters, child labor matters. Seperation of Church and State matters. It is not anti-semitic to oppose the atrocities committed by Israel for 60 years. 67 UN resolutions VETOED by America, does matter. The idea of Jewish supremacy over our government, media, and foreign policies certainly matter. The amount of foreign aid and military aid to an illegal state certainly does matter We expect Change, democrats promise change but are they ready to meet the demands of the American people. We set the mandate for change, it started in 2005. Candidates jumped to champaign for CHANGE, now meet the mandates. ALL of them matters. 1. Protect our Constitution, and live up to your oath of office. 2. Bring our troops home, enough aggression and sacrifice of life, limb, and treasures.End WAR, and war profiteering. 3. We regularly request sanctions, then we should respect others ligitimate sanctions. 4. Universal Health Care, for all Americans. 5. Economic Recovery and Job Creation, good jobs not just minimum wage jobs like the last several years. 6. Build a Green Economy and Stop Climate Change. 7. Hold people accountable, prosecute crimes, including all war crimes. 8. Audit our gold reserves, and audit all financial institutions. Prosecute the corruption. 9.Campaign reform, and eliminate lobbying our officials with any financial reward. 10. Tax reform. Fair tax for all. The times and demands have changed. ALL need to participate in our recovery, including the past privileges of tax freedom. Privilege not a right. The mandates of 2006 have been ignored. Thus the Changes were made by the American people Nov. 2008. We will hold people accountable to us, and not to ANY special interest group. 2010 & 2012 are on the way, listen up if you want to stay !! We will by watch groups, justice organizations, etc. hold all officials FEET TO THE FIRE. You will feel the heat. Do the job for American that is expected by Americans. True moral values, and justice, it matters. Party affiliation does not matter any more.


    December 27th, 2008

    As of this writing, Israeli Air Force attacks today on the occupied Gaza Strip killed an estimated 200 or more people and injured hundreds more. These Israeli attacks come on top of a brutal siege of the Gaza Strip, which has created a humanitarian catastrophe of dire proportions for Gaza’s 1.5 million Palestinian residents by restricting the provision of food, fuel, medicine, electricity, and other necessities of life.

    While the scope of civilian casualties in today’s attacks is not yet clear, it is unmistakable that Israel carried out these attacks with F16 fighter jets and missiles provided by the taxpayers of this country. From 2001-2006, the United States transferred to Israel more than $200 million worth of spare parts to fly its fleet of F16’s. In July 2008, the United States gave Israel 186 million gallons of JP-8 aviation jet fuel. Last year, the United States signed a $1.3 billion contract with Raytheon to transfer to Israel thousands of TOW, Hellfire, and “bunker buster” missiles.

    In short, Israel’s lethal attack today on the Gaza Strip could not have happened without the active military and political support of the United States. Therefore, we need to take action to protest this attack and demand an immediate cease-fire.

    Two of the best books I have read recently are Final Report & Deception.
    Todate no-one else seems to have heard of them. Nor pays attention.
    I would think that in these times people would want to be informed, and
    not by the controlled media.

    Read: Final Report # 14949 and Deception # 53223. Published by Author House.

    Book Order Hotline, at 888.280.7715.

    Local Author:

    Does your religious organization support the wars
    and killings we have witnessed for Seven years.


    For many, Obama symbolizes “The Hope” for a new tomorrow. A tomorrow where minorities can dream bigger than once before; a tomorrow where people view each other without prejudice; a tomorrow where the morals and ideals of our constitution are exhibited without the hindrance of private interest groups; a tomorrow where an Israeli and a Palestinian can live, grow, and worship in Israel without fear nor conflict.

    A tomorrow where America’s interests come first and the lives of soldiers, Palestinians, and Israelis aren’t wasted on the battle-lines for the interest of a select-few.

    Lobbies and their recipients represent, organized crime and corruption with in
    our government and officials.

  • Ronald L. Waldron



    Everyone who is concerned that yet another war in the Middle East could wreck what remains of the United States economy and probably strip away even more of our liberties should be troubled by the numerous calls for war against Iran. No one believes that Iran is anything but a nation that is one small step away from becoming a complete religious dictatorship, but the country has a small economy, a tiny defense budget, and, as far as the world’s intelligence services can determine, neither nuclear weapons nor a program to develop them. Labeling the Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as a new Hitler and describing the regime as “Islamofascist” is convenient but hardly conveys the reality of the complex political interaction taking place inside today’s Iran. Ironically, the animus directed against Tehran relates not so much to what it is doing as to what its government might do, hardly an adequate pretext for going to war and a standard of behavior that many countries in the world would fail.
    A resolution (HR 1553) is making its way through Congress that that would endorse an Israeli attack on Iran, which would be going to war by proxy as the US would almost immediately be drawn into the conflict when Tehran retaliates. The resolution provides explicit US backing for Israel to bomb Iran, stating that Congress supports Israel’s use of “all means necessary…including the use of military force.” The resolution is non-binding, but it is dazzling in its disregard for the possible negative consequences that would ensue for the hundreds of thousands of US military and diplomatic personnel currently serving in the Near East region. Even the Pentagon opposes any Israeli action against Iran, knowing that it would mean instant retaliation against US forces in Iraq and also in Afghanistan. The resolution has appeared, not coincidentally, at the same time as major articles by leading neoconservatives Reuel Marc Gerecht and Bill Kristol calling for military action. Both Gerecht and Kristol insist that action by Israel or the US would be better than doing nothing and both downplay the ability of Iran to counter-attack effectively. One might note that both Kristol and Gerecht have been dramatically wrong in the past, most notably in their analyses of developments in Iraq.

    Kristol is a poseur, a foreign policy wannabe, framing policy around his own Straussian beliefs. Gerecht, who actually does know quite a bit about Iran and its internal politics, is the more dangerous of the two as he is able to use his knowledge, which he sprinkles throughout the article, to appear credible. But as is so often the case with the neoconservatives, the thinking is based on false assumptions, optimistic assessments, and leaps of the imagination about what might occur. One might recall neocon predictions of a “cakewalk” in Iraq, a war that still embroils tens of thousands of US troops and that kills Americans nearly every day.

    In his article entitled “Should Israel Bomb Iran? – Better Safe than Sorry” Gerecht begins with three paragraphs outlining what might happen if Iran is attacked, to include attacks on US troops, shock oil prices, terrorist attacks worldwide, tumult in the Muslim world, and a rush by Iran to develop a nuclear weapon to defend itself. He concludes, however, that “These fears are mostly overblown.”

    Why Gerecht thinks that Iranian retaliation would be minimal is not completely clear, but he spends the next seven pages explaining why an attack on Iran might be a positive step. He opines that bombing Iran “remains the only conceivable means of derailing or seriously delaying Iran’s nuclear program…” Bombing would also result in “traumatizing Tehran.” And he provides a second reason for staging an attack, his argument that “Iran has already embraced terrorism against Israel and the United States” and that its regime supports the “indiscriminate killing” of Jews. He presumes that Iran is hell bent on acquiring a nuclear weapon and would use it against Israelis “who must live with the Middle East’s merciless power politics…” or give it to terrorist groups to accomplish the same end. Gerecht recommends that Israel should attack Iran to “rock the system” to make the regime “lose face” and suffer a military defeat that could have fatal consequences for its survivability. He returns to the theme, mentioning oddly that “American fear of Iranian capabilities in Iraq and Afghanistan has been exaggerated” and then excoriates “an ugly anti-Israeli reflex” on the part of many Europeans when Israel uses lethal force to defend itself.

    Gerecht is doing two things. First, he is ignoring any role that Israel might have had in creating its own predicament vis-à-vis Iran and its other neighbors. Israel is, for him, always the victim and never the instigator meaning that whatever it does is always self-defense and justifiable. Second, he assumes that Iran is manifestly evil and will always choose the most despicable option for its own behavior while he simultaneously only assumes the best motives and best possible outcome for any Israeli or American military action. He ignores the fact that Iran has no nuclear weapons program and assumes that Tehran is willing to bear the enormous expense and risk to develop a nuclear device and use it on Israel or give it to a terrorist even though that would be national suicide. He reflexively judges every group in the Middle East that is opposed to Israel as a terrorist and lumps them in as enemies of Washington as well as of Israel whether or not they have actually carried out attacks against the US. If Iran reacts to being bombed, he notes that “It is entirely possible that Khamenei would use terrorism against the United States after an Israeli strike,” an asymmetrical response using available resources that many might consider self-defense against an attacker but which Gerecht chooses to dismiss as terrorism. Gerecht dismisses any legitimate criticism of the actions of the state of Israel as anti-Semitic or “ugly.”

    The reality is that an Israeli attack on Iran will trigger an all-out war in the region, which will quickly include the United States. It might or might not eliminate Iran’s technical ability to build a nuclear weapon and it would almost certainly accelerate that process. It would not bring down the Iranian regime and usher in reformers who would embrace Israel and the United States while singing “Kumbaya” around the campfire. It would be extremely nasty, would not solve any problems in the Middle East, and would kill tens of thousands of innocent people, if not more. It could easily lead to the use of nuclear weapons by either the United States or Israel. For the neoconservatives, it is easy to dismiss the possible downside while emphasizing the upside that they perceive, which is protecting Israel by damaging Iran’s nuclear program and possibly bringing about some version of regime change. But we have seen too many times in the past how the neoconservatives can be wrong – think only of the “cakewalk” that has been Iraq now seven years on and still running. A new war in the Middle East would be an unmitigated disaster for Iran, the United States, and even for Israel. It must be avoided at all costs.

  • Rezepte zum Abnehmen

    I think secretly every man wishes he could be a little bit ‚Berlusconi‘, especially considering he’s not the youngest. Most people would not admit to it, though.

  • mohamed osman omar

    i am mohamed osman omar who is planing to become the president of northern somalia and my comments are these if they attack iran they have attacked all muslims so there will be third war if the western people are not respecting the stability of the word.
    so we are planing to focus on those issues about iran and it will not happen like how you invasioned iraq and libya

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