Iraq Toll

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Those who died in Iraq from Sep 16 to 22:

Pvt Brandon Thorsen  22  Trenton FL

Sgt Michael Townes  29  Las Vegas NV

Spc Donald Valentine III  21  Orange Park FL

Spc Nicholas Olson  22  Novato CA

Spc Joseph Landry III  23  Pensacola FL

Spc Matthew Emerason  20  Emerson WA

Spc Aaron Walker  23  Harker Heights TX

Sgt Edmund Jefferson  23  Daleville AL

Pvt Christian Neff  19  Lima OH

Cpl Graham McMahon  22  Corvallis OR

Cap Roselle Hoffmaster  32  Cleveland OH

Pvt Luigi Marciante Jr  25  Elizabeth NJ

Ltn Dumitru Grosaru  35  Romania

Spc John Young  24  Savannah GA

Sgt Mark Stansfield  32  Oxfordshire UK

Sgt Mark Lankford  42  Scottsboro AL

Spc Joshua Reeves  26  Watkinsville GA

Spc David Watson  29  Newport AR

25 were seriously wounded and maimed.

63 wounded were returned to kill fields.
3800 — Cholera spreading in Iraq. 2 million internal refugees in Iraq

301 Iraqi sisters and brothers were killed

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  • Mickey Shell

    We’re all stressed out by the evil of our government, but please realize that there’s much more to come.

    Does anyone really believe that, after having put in place the mechanisms for a dictatorship, BushCo is going to hand all that over to anyone else? Please!

    Instead, we will have:

    Another “9/11” event
    Martial law
    Elections canceled
    Civil rights suspended (permanently)
    Dictatorship, as planned all along

    Oh, and don’t forget the detention centers.

    If the populace isn’t alerted in advance, we will all be sitting ducks. May be anyway, but we should give it (freedom) our best shot.

    I expect there’s not an advocacy group around that has the nerve to take that on, in case they might look foolish. Much like the politicos who voted for Bush’s war in order to “look patriotic.” Oh well, at least we’ll understand what Chile went through when we deposed their elected leader and installed Pinochet, and no one here did or said a thing on their behalf. Will your group be among the “disappeared”? Food for thought. Or not.

  • barbpa

    As always Mickey my friend, those who will be disappeared are the poor, the scholars, and the revolutionaries. It will be a sad day if what you are predicting comes to pass. I can only hope that if another country steps in to overthrow our dictator they will be more humanitarian then we.

  • Harry Cooley

    People predicted the same thing when Nixon left office. Thankfully with the protection provided by the 1st and 2nd Amendments, and “The Anarchists Cookbook” and ” THe Poor Mans James Bond” being available online our government could never rule us against our will for too long.

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