NBC Cancels Stars Earn Stripes! Let's Cancel the Real Wars next!

Tonight’s show will be the last episode of the NBC war-o-tainment show “Stars Earn Stripes,” thanks to protests, petitions and sinking viewership. Great job by Peace Action of [...]

War! What is it Good For? A TV Show? Tell NBC to Cancel "Stars Earn Stripes"

Stupidest. Show. Ever. Tell NBC to cancel its asinine “Star Earns Stripes” “reality show” that is meant to “honor the troops.” How does trivializing war honor [...]

Which Side Are You On?

by Peter Deccy Yesterday’s New York Times had a troubling story of a 52 minute battle between a company of US troops and two Afghan soldiers who had lived and fought alongside the Americans. The [...]

A Budget for All

by Peter Deccy Representative Paul Ryan’s ‘Punish the People’ budget proposal was released last week to a symphony of media coverage. This week, the Congressional Progressive Caucus released The [...]

Peace Action on C-SPAN

Thanks to the hard work of national Peace Action board member (and University of Hawai’i Human Rights Law Center founder) Joshua Cooper, Peace Action got some serious airtime (an hour and a [...]