Remember to vote for peace on Super Tuesday

 In Election 2008

Tomorrow will be a critical day in choosing our next president as nearly two dozen states go to the polls.  We want to make sure that everyone who votes tomorrow goes in with a clear understanding of the candidates’ positions on key foreign policy issues.

Do you know which presidential candidate supports eliminating nuclear weapons worldwide? Which candidate would end the war in Iraq on the shortest timeline? Who would engage in direct diplomacy with Iran?

Lives, money and our future security are at stake in this election; the next president must bring about a new direction in our foreign policy.

Click here to read statements from the presidential candidates on our Voters for Peace and Security blog.

By clicking on the photo of each candidate, you can read statements, see videos, and hear about direct interactions with candidates at public events.  You can also download our voter guide, which summarizes the candidates’ positions on Iraq, Iran and nuclear weapons.

Be sure to vote on February 5th and demonstrate our demand for a new foreign policy at the ballot box. With the nominating contests up in the air, our votes on “Super Tuesday” will have a significant impact in determining who will be our next president. 

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