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Here’s an email I got from a friend at the RNC…let’s not forget that our country was formed on protests against a tyrannical state.

Hello all,
Besides journalists protesters are not being treated well.
Got this report from Starhawk.
The police have been raiding organizers homes with out warrants.

peace nicole


Emergency Note: Yesterday, Tuesday, two of our cluster were arrested before the start of the March for Our Lives organized by the Poor People’s Movement.  Riyanna and Jason were standing at the edge of the park where the rally was happening when they were attacked by police.  Witnesses reported to us that Jason was tasered while he was lying on the ground, not resisting, and was refused medical aid.  Somehow, later, he managed to get a call through to us on his cell phone, to report that the two taser barbs were still in his hip and the police were refusing to take them out.  His phone remained on while we could hear what sounds like the cops beating him up.  In a later call, he reported that he has a black eye and multiple abrasions on his head and torso, but is basically okay, and that the taser barbs have been removed.  We also heard from Riyanna who is also okay.  I just talked to her, and she sounds fine and strong and worried about other prisoners who are being denied needed medication. Arraignments and release are now going very slowly, and she could be held as long as 36 hours, or more. . A good person to call today would be the St. Paul mayor, Chris Coleman,   651-266-8510 demand that he end the targeting of protestors, the abuse of prisoners, and the confiscation of property.

Our PermiBus has been officially ‘released’, but its owners are being told there are 23 violations against it and they are not being allowed to drive it away.  They have not received copies of any of the violations except for one: ‘no proof of insurance’.  In reality, Stan Wilson has proof of insurance on the bus but was never allowed to produce it.  The authorities claim that all searches and seizures over the last week have been done legally, with warrants and judicial review.  But the bus was seized illegally with no charges and searched illegally, without a warrant and without the presence of the owners. This is a violation of the Bill of Rights.  For the PermiBus, call the Mayor Rybek of Minneapolis,

(612) 673-2100 (His office)

Complaints to Mayor Rybek can be directed by email to

Thanks to all who have made calls—they’ve been very effective  If you can’t get through—that’s probably because so many of us are calling!

This account will also be up on my website, as are my stories from the first few days.

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