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GOP Goes After… Community Organizers?

posted by Christopher Hayes on 09/04/2008 @ 11:33am

You know what’s fun? Sitting in a room with thousands of people who run the country and listening to them unleash their full fury at how unfairly they’re been treated. It’s like listening to Caligula whine.

But I digress. Like pretty much everyone, I think Sarah Palin proved herself an adept and talented politician last night. I also think. and have thought since she was named, that she’s a distraction. a “rabbit” as Tom Schaller wrote, that the GOP is hoping Democrats chase.

But one of the (many) attacks Palin leveled last night was part of a broader GOP push against Obama’s years as a community organizer. I even heard Newt Gingrich on Fox the other day claiming that Obama was “wandering around the south side.” You know, like a homeless person, or something.

I suppose it’s not surprising that Republican politicians aren’t enthused about community organizers since often they’re the ones who are getting their ass kicked by them. (Just ask Rudy.) Also, I’m assuming they didn’t read The Nation‘s forum on just this topic in the last issue.

But this kind of hits me where I live, since my dad is a community organizer, so lemme spell this out: the difference between a community organizer and a politician is that a community organizer can’t tell anyone what to do. They have to listen. So they can’t order books banned from a library to indulge their own religious sensibilities. They can’t fire someone because they didn’t follow orders to fire an estranged family member. They can’t ram through a $15 million dollar sports complex that leaves their local town groaning underneath the debt. Unlike politicians, they don’t have any power other than the power of people who want to see something changed.

Decades ago, before the ADA and a raft of other legislation, schools had essentially no requirements to provide decent education for special needs children. Then a movement of parents, engaging in – gasp – community organizing changed that. And they continue to fight day in and day out for educational equity for children like Sarah Palin’s.

Too bad Sarah Palin just spit in their faces.

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  • Rev Dr.O.D.Robinson

    Sen. John Mccain vp is not a real winner, she is to hard and in my opinion
    she has no mercy for black people and she alredy feel like she is the only one that can run this Country,we as black people has work hard for this country, and John McCain is not the only one who was a pow soldier, we all did our time, and hard time, but no one seen to care, to be President is not a game and not just like AlaskA,where one person seen to have all the say so, in my opinion the people in Iraq could tell you about that, in my opinion he made a bad judgment,
    it no fun about the little baby, in my program we try to teach about teenage pregnancy it is not good, other teen will say if our vp Daughter can be pregnant
    so can we Bristal mother in my opinion she should be a teacher.and not a VP

    Sign by

    Rev Dr. O. D. Robinson D.Min. Psy.D

    contact 662-741-2522

  • mdcole

    Community Organizers are a critical part of the issue that the RNC has been trying to craft about the DNC all week. Democrats are soft and lazy. They would prefer to sit around and wait for the government to save them, or their Community Organizer to “organize” them, than to just get up every day, work hard, and make the most out of the opportunities they were given. If you want your government to do everything for you, maybe you can still catch up with the Communist revolution in some far off land.

    As for Dr. Robinson, who left the comment above, perhaps you should spend a little more time working on mastering the art of English. and don’t post your phone number on the internet either, just trying to help you!

  • barbpa

    Hey mdcole,
    I’d prefer you not come on my blog and poke fun at people you don’t know. I know you appreciate the anonymity of the Internet – it allows you to be snarky to another human being without having to look them in the face. Technology is great for that – but, I won’t allow it here. He may speak English as a second language; implying he is intelligent enough to learn another language. The same cannot be said for most U.S. citizens – so lay off the insults.

    You make a valuable critic of the Democrats. They have been sitting on their laurels for 2 years in control of Congress and have done NOTHING to end the war.

    Organizers, on the other hand, have been working incredibly hard for the past 8 years to counteract Bush administration policies the Congress lets slide. I get up, everyday, put in my 8 to 10 hours and go home to relax – JUST LIKE YOU. I don’t expect a handout – I only expect that in the RICHEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD we can provide healthcare, security, water treatment, roads and a roof for ALL OUR CITIZENS. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

  • cityzenjane

    What a freakin moose pie that line was….

    I’ve collected a bunch of great videos in response on my site.

    This was a great post! I also write about her using her son as a prop to defend a party that has no position or policy on disability on their campaign site.

    She is an opportunist of the worst sort.

  • barbpa

    Thanks for helping spread the word CityZen Jane!!!

  • Rev Dr.O.D.Robinson

    I am Community Organizers and author, and a family Counselor I am so sorry that Sen, John McCain is hiding behind his VP in my opinion Mccain just do not have what it take to be President, of the USA, he had a change to speake to President Bush before the war started in Iraq, in my opinion
    John McCain,was 100 per for the war in Iraq, now he is hiding behind a women, in my opinion McCain need to sit down and live out his days fishing and hunting,in my opinion Sarah Palin is just full of talk, she need to get real and tell the true story, when it is all been said and done, you will not know that she is in Washington, so I say to the American people do not fall away from the truth McCain is not going to change any thing in the white house if he is President,remember that Isaid in my opinion Sarah Palin is a teacher and not a VP she need to be able to teach her family about teen pregnancy and HIV / AIDS I hope that you understand what I am saying, is what thay are talking about black teen with the pregnancy rate.tellher to get real

    Sign by.

    Rev Dr. O.D.Robinson Psy.D. D.Min.

    Contact 662-741-2522


  • Rev Dr.O.D. Robinson

    Greeting to the people of the USA I am for peace and justice,we much have joy and peace and love,I am a Democrats, in my opinion Democrats are more for the poor American ,Lady bird Johnson the wife of the late president Johnson, who started and was the founder of head start she was a community orgnizers she had dream of a change in American,I mean for all children,I have a book that can be order by visiting the ISBN NO. 1598001876,the title of the book is the
    ( the one Robinson family curse) Iwant people to know what is happen in this country
    because of the war in Iraq, in my opinion John McCain is not going to bring the troops home,as long as we stay in !raq the curse stay in the USA,think about it the high prices people are loseing their home, the price of gas, the flood water the firer every thing is out of control and no one can fit it,I am a community organizers, in my opinion
    the Democrats will help back more peace and joy and love to this Country, I am sorry Sen Mccain that you had to make choise of a VP that is beautiful but that will not bring peace and justice black or white American
    thank you very much

    Sign by

    Rev Dr. O.D. Robinson Psy.D. D.Min

  • Rev Dr.O.D.Robinson

    I am back,subject lipstick remark, well Obama did not start this he was hurt because of what the vp said about the bull dog, it was a smart remark at Sen. Obama so he did not strike back but he just wanted the vp for the gop
    to see how it sound,never start any thing, and you will not feel hurt when some one ease make a remark, some one has said that the Democrats are
    soft and lazy that is not the fact thay are more for helping the poor and needed family, I am a community organizers,and a chirstian I work hard, I grow up working hard,out of 15 children in our family, some time their were
    no food in the house to eat, as a community organizers, in my opinion Obama know what it is like.Ihard on the news that is cbs the early show that Sen Joseph said maybe obama would have been better of with Sen,
    Clinton, Joe cold feet will not get the job done, but you can go to Obama and say I resigned, but do not wait to long to say that, in my opinion stand tall
    and tell the America people the truth.we need a change in the white house
    we do not need four more years of the same.

    Sign by

    Rev Dr. O.D. Robinson Psy.D D.Min

  • Rev Dr.O.D.Robinson

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in christ I would like to personally invite you to join us in the community of Americ for an uplifting in prayerand very imformative worship rally in support of what God want, that is peace, as a cmmunity organizers, we pray for the Democrats, Obama is just a man he
    can see a need for a change in the white house, but God only know what is best.
    women dont be fool by gender and good looks, God is looking for a man that can lead us to some peace in Americ, as President we do not need any one who will go to war before thay think about it, be the best that you can,race dose not matter, but he that can enhances the good for the USA , remember I am just a man trying to let you know that talk will not get the job done.
    be for real our grandfather can not help us now,we are aware of the fact that our vision cannot and will not be realized without your prayers and support.

    remember good leadship is what we need.

    Sign by

    Rev Dr. O.D. Robinson Psy.D. D.Min.
    see you when I see you

  • Rev Dr.O.D.Robinson

    No Obama never will be a jesus christ, but remember what Jesus said, he said if you do my will and have the faith, you will do greater work then I have done, because he only preach for 3 three years here on earth,but remember
    Pontius pilate was a Governor,and he gave up to the people, but his wife had warn him to let Jesus go, remember Jesus was a man, and not a women, God put man here to lead, but Eve gat the hold world in trouble, because she was good with word, so we shell not be fool because of a great vp for the GOP
    I am a community Organizers,to try to help and bring peace to the outreach community as well as my community,remember to get your house in order
    do not throw mud at each other, send a great message to the youth of this great Country. thank you

    Rev Dr. O.D. Robinson D.Min. PsyD.
    Who,s Who in America 2008
    but I am just community organizers, and pastor

  • Rev Dr.O.D.Robinson

    My fellow America I stand here tonight with a dream that started in 1502
    we never did do any thing wrong, but just wanted to be men, to work hard as the bible said which is the good book,in my opinion most people are afraid
    of a change, thay live the same way so long, that wrong seem like right, yes or no, we here in America as black people need a chance, for the hard work
    living on other people farms, my late father had to get up at 4 the morning to go and make a fire in some one home so thay could be warm
    all we every ask for was a few dollar to feed our family durning the winter month, I say to the Battleground states give the Democratic a chance, I dream that we need a change, in washington just not because of color,dream with me so that God will have some joy, be real battleground states
    have some mercy, vote yes for the Demoocratic. I will see you when I see you, with love joy and peace good night to the great people in the USA

    lift every voice and sing God bless America

    Sign By

    Rev Dr. O.D. Robinson Psy.D. Community Organizers

  • Rev Dr.O.D.Robinson

    I just want to talk to you, what is happen in our world today could have been stop years ago, I had a vision about what were coming to America, in my opinion, CBS NEWS should have told the American people what I saw I e- cbs and Harry Smith on the early show on Thursday January 16, 2003,and talk about the War in Iraq, now I do not know did any one give it to Harry Smith,or not, but cbs did receive all of my e-mail ,Iask cbs not to ignore my e-mail, I only hard from cbs adminisator one time,
    subject, this is what I e-mail cbs in January 2003 I said Iam joining the national fight for peace,I am asking President Bush to ask the Israeli army to move away from the west bank, the bible says any one who attact the west bank will bring on an holy War or stop the Palestinian Christians , will make War,I said in my e-mail to cbs that the September 11, 2001 attack was a sign of other nations trying to maintain a balance of power among nationsas the ancient people rise to claaim equality in international world families, the world should know there are the Islamiic moaque of omar the center of monommeedom faith, I talk about the old sinfer nations of the babylon people , which is now call Iraq, I talk about many other matter of what the War would bring on in America, I never did hear from CBS NEWS

    I sent an e-mail to Dan Rather at cbs on Sunday October 03, 2004, I do not know if who ever recieve the e-mal gave it to him, I have talk about our
    economy and how we maybe winning for the people in iraq, but look what happen to fannie mae and Freddie mac, and washington bank crisis, and so many many more,
    i hope the people in the state of Ohio can read this, Barack Obama have a vision as to how to get the America people out of this crisis
    thank you for your web site.

    I see you when I see you

    Rev Dr. O.D. Robinson Psy.D

  • jeanie

    Let’s fire all the democratics and have some peace.

    This mess all started with that village idiot of a Jimmy Carter
    and the Democratics have been just as stupidm dishonest and crooked every since.

    Yeah so some Repulticans are not better they get ever a lower rating because they jnow better. Democratics are such jerk’s they are totally unware they are jerks,

    And Christian who vote for Obama who believes in murdering babies (late term abortion) get the lowest rated of them all

    But, yes lets start with the democratics, a jerks annoy everyone

  • barbpa

    Jeanie –
    Let’s start with Bush. He brought us into Iraq, he committed our country to TORTURE, HE brought our economy into the toliet.

    Clinton left office with a surplus – and it far beyond gone.

    Forget the parties and use your common sense.

  • fellowprisoner

    Dear Rev-
    Have you not noticed that Bush can do anything he wants? And I bet the next President will do anything s/he wants as well. The precident has been set. We no longer have any rights & our Congress is no longer in control. Vote them ALL out. Vote for a 3rd party candidate who wants to restore our Constitution. After that we can all go back to bickering amongst ourselves. This is not the time to be fighting over who did what. We all need to stop long enough to take back our [power as “We the People” before its too late.

  • fellowprisoner

    END THE FED!!!!!!!!!!
    Nov 22, 2008

  • Reply

    God bless America
    We saw the real John McCain in to night third debate,all of you that watch the debate john McCain is a very angry man,in my opinion he was wild and stormy,as you know how can he lead us out of this mess that this Country is in,the economy is weak,McCain, talk about the plumber Joe,for the last eight years Sen, McCain had a change to do some thing about Joe the plumber,but he over look people like me and Joe The Pumber,for the last eight years but now he need us, America do not be fool,he only used Joe inorder to help his Campaignwe need some new idea a vision that can lead Americans to a new day,I say to the Evangelicals Christian we are not Jealous of the Republicans party but you know that

    Barack Obama has a philosophy to get the USA out of this situstion,I am not trying to provokes anger but the key word is we need a new leader, we need a reform to get us out of this financial crisis, we need to get out of the economic turmoil,Sen, McCain is to old to come up with new idea,he is tire and need to rest he dose not need four more years of this turmoil, it will take a younger President to get the job done,Barack Obama may be new but we the people of the united States, that will let Obama lead us, people need to save thair home,and have jobs and not be afraid of our litter money that is in the banksI vote for a change it is high twelve in America let be strong and keep the faith and hope God Love America, thank you for your web site.i


    Rev Dr. O.D.Robinson Psy.D.
    Community Organizers for America.

  • Rev Dr.O.D.Robinson Psy.D.

    Greeting to the voter in Florida we saw the debate on October 15, 2008
    the last one, I am asking the people of Florida to think about the last eight years, Please give your vote to a new leader , that has a vision, and that leader is Barack Obama we need a President with a great mind of Philosophy
    to the young people of the USA. you know we need new idea, and not the same old idea, Obama is for a new day in America, Sen. John McCain is okay, but he is not what we need today in todays world,, you know that and so do other, talk to your parents and grandparant, and ask them to vote Barack Obama, it has been to long coming,
    I see you when I see you.

    Rev Dr.O.D. Robinson Psy.D.

  • Rev Dr.O.D.Robinson Psy.D.

    Palin fashions,
    we all know that the Republicans party is more for the rich, and not so much for the poor, well fashions will not help when we have a weak economy, in every part of the Country people like me and other are feeling it,I will say to the America people that we are in a recession,my fellow America young and old
    we need a leader with a vision to help lead us out of this recession, and with all of my heart Barack Obama is the man to do just that,I live in the State of
    Mississippi where the economy is very weak, some of you might be provokes and angry with me for my write up,but you think about it we never get a change to be on network like CBS-ABC-CNN-FOX NBC or any of the other tv network, where I live dose not matter,those of you who read your bibles know that when God needed some one to talk toIsrael he did not go to the large city he sended to the Country side and choses a shepheard boy by the name of David, a poor young man, maybe I am the one to talk to the Americans people, I cordiality invited those who want to know about,who should lead us out of this depression you can contact me,I am just a man
    I cry I feel sad I get angry some time,but I believe that God gave me a missions to speak to you,we all should thank Barbpa for her web site and I
    thank you to ,I want to tell you some thing Isaw this coming as soon as I hard about the war in Iraq, I was in my Church on that next Sunday, and I inform them that the war in Iraq would be on for the next five years, and after that I told them that a recessions was goining to come to America I told the people that because of the war Iraq we would have a financial crisis, as you know I a Community Organizers, you see what happen to Fannie mae and Freddie mac and AIG insurances company and many other, reason the people in Iraq live under a curse, with all of the help that the America troops has done when it is over those people will go back to their old ways
    so let those of us who vote remember Barack Obama said that he would bring the troops home,and he would bring the leader of Afghanistan , and pakistan and those other in the third world Country, John McCain will not do that he want the troops to stay in Iraq, and for what,who I am dose not matter yes I major in Developmental Psychology, and counseling, but remember I am just a man, thank you

    I see you when I see you

    Rev Dr O.D. Robinson Psy.D.

    I e-mail CBS when the war started and talk to them about it but I never did hear from Cbs
    To the battle ground States we all are America
    Brack Obama for a new day in America

  • Rev Dr.O.D.Robinson Psy.D.

    To Barapa and to the America consumer
    my comment is the 3 three automakers bailout, I think thay shoul be bail out, but in returned Ford is the first one,to President Bush if the 3 three automaker get bail out, then the dealership should give the poor consumer
    a break, what I am saying, I live in Mississippi when you take your car or truck to the auto shop thay charge you $ 75.00 diagnosis fee and you have all ready told them what the problem is, and if you have warranty that is not by ford you have to pay a $ 50.00 dollar copayment so the customer is out of $ 125.00 be side the parts and labor fee,to President elect Obama, please look into this matter, you see most people warranty run out, we need help just as the auto maker need help,thay are crying out for help but thay never think about the poor that need to keep some bread on his table,and to feed his family, the Children need shoes and jacket and other item
    we know that the economy is weak, that is the reason that the automaker
    should think about the poor like me and Joe the plumber, President Obama
    will look into the matter, President Bush is in charge at the time, he know how it is with the poor,Barack Obama came from the south side of Chicago
    he has a vision of what i am comment about,
    I hope this will help the America people who need that help
    think about it auto maker.
    I know your skeptic situation comsumer
    I know that CBS news and CNN. and ABC might not talk about it

    Rev Dr. O.D. Robinson Psy.D.

    All well,s that end well it you do it right
    Philosophy keep some bread on our tabler

  • khovalyg

    To Rev. Dr. Robinson: Your foresight about the continued war (overthrow & occupation) of Iraq is admirable. I wish non-elected bush had listened to American citizens & people worldwide, but his concern was for the corporatists who stole the election for him and for the establishment ofoligarchy in the US.

    Regarding “people in Iraq live under a curse” – I don’t believe in curses, but it’s ‘true’ now because of non-elected bush. Statistics say that his war has, as of 11/25/08, killed 1,284,105 Iraqis. Before 2003, Iraqis had working utilities (electricity, sewage treatment plants, air conditioning, etc.), water, food, stores, theatres, parks, museums, restaurants, schools, universities, women’s rights, a decent Constitution, & a youth population that was increasingly pro-Western. So long as one didn’t directly cross saddam, life was good & likely to improve. Corpses now float in the Tigress & Euphrates, polluting the water sources; cancer & birth defects have skyrocketed due to radiation sickness caused by depleted uranium from our munitions; Iraqis have been forced to use ‘terminator’ crop seeds from Monsanto vs. their own; sewage runs in the streets; museum artifacts from this historical Cradle of Civilization have been stolen; elecricity is highly variable; their Constitution has been replaced with one that is pro-US corporatists; &, of course, there’s constant fear of troops & blackwater mercenaries. There were no suicide bombers in Iraq before the invasion. And so forth.

    If we leave & Iraqis “go back to their old ways,” it would be good. But they can’t, because our violence has deepened divisions between their various religious and political groups. Nonetheless, if we leave, they Will settle it. We may not like the result, because non-elected bush’s war has created anti-West sentiment – but it’s Their country, not ours. It was never our proper concern to invade & change it.

    By the way, I like your philosophy of “keep some bread on our table.” As some ancient said, there’s no philosophy without first having a full stomach!

  • khovalyg

    To Rev. Dr. Robinson: I agree that the automakers should be helped. Some 850,000 jobs directly depend on it. If only half of these workers also have a spouse or child to support, then some 1,275,000 people desperately need this help. My thought is that the money should go directly to the workers & their union, not to the fat cats at the top. I’m not sure what should happen with Chrysler; it’s a private corporation, whereas Ford & GM are publicly owned (stock trading, etc.).

    Regarding “give the consumer a break,” I agree we need one. I don’t know what any president can do about this, though. It seems to be a matter of ‘predatory capitalism’ vs. ‘fair trade capitalism.’ Predatory capitalists (like the Wall Street fat cats or the local auto shops you mentioned) have 2 mottos: “Greed is good,” & “Let the buyer beware.” Fair trade capitalists also have 2 mottos: “Equal exchange” (i.e., both sides profit) & “Honesty is our policy.” Years of deregulation of corporations under Republican presidents have only encouraged the “greed is good” mentality.

    So it looks like what’s needed to heal the seller-consumer relation is to have an inner or spiritual revolution. Maybe some of the price-gougers could profit from Alexander Green’s e-letter “Spiritual Wealth” ( Chuckle. I don’t always agree with him, but I do agree with his main point that although money can buy freedom from misery (we all know this in trying to pay for food, repairs, medicine, etc.), it can’t buy happiness per se. And he generally gives some enjoyable & relevant quotes about what Does bring happiness – living in the present moment & helping others be happy.

    Thank you for your thought-provoking comments.

  • khovalyg

    To mdcole: Your notion is false. The fact is, like most Americans (even some Republicans; chuckle), Democrats get up every day, work hard, love their families, and make the most of the opportunities they have. So do we leftist liberal independents. Why I bet that even You do, difficult as that is in the failed economy of non-elected bush.

    As to wanting the govt “to do everything for you,” nonsense. The govt has no business meddling with our recreations, bodies, bedrooms, alternative medicine choices, local truth-in-labeling regulations that exceed the lax ones of the FDA & USDA, private email & phone communications, etc. However, our govt Was established to promote the general welfare of those things & processes we hold in common – infrastructure (roads, bridges, etc.), parks, voting, health, education, the environment, domestic tranquility, & so forth.

    As to “revolution,” this country was established by liberal revolutionaries. Deal with it. Chuckle.

  • khovalyg

    Re various comments on who’s in control: Since 1968 (40 years), we’ve had 28 years under Republican prezzies & only 12 under Democrats. Actually, I’d call that 32 years of Repubs & 8 of Dems since clinton was the ‘best’ Repub prez we’ve ever had in Dem’s clothing (e.g., his NAFTA & his continuing pappy bush’s bombing of Iraq). Under non-elected bush, Repubs have controlled Congress until 2006; but Dems only nominally control it now. They still don’t have the numbers to stop Repub Senate filibusters. Repubs have filibustered more under non-elected bush than under any prez in US history. Dems have also had to deal with members who vote with the Repubs – Lieberman, e.g., & the ca. 47 so-called blue dog Dems, who often vote with the Repubs, like they did on giving immunity to the telecoms that abetted non-elected bush’s illegal spying on Americans. Then, of course, there’s cheney’s tie-breaking vote. So I’d say Repubs still control Congress.

    This is the danger of a two-party system, which some of the Founders warned us about. With increasing Repub deregulation of industry, corporatist lobbyists have had it easy in bribing both Repubs & Dems. So we have a majority of RepuboCorporatists + DemoCorporatists & only a minority of actual Repubs & Dems. This will continue until corporations & lobbyists such as AIPAC are properly regulated. It will also continue until we separate our national economy from corporatists’ arms sales, which require perpetual wars in order to have perpetual customers.

  • khovalyg

    More on corporations — In our early days, corporations were only permitted a “life span” equal to the working life span of an individual, ca. 40 years. Then they had to dissolve & sell off all assets. They could form again, but it had to be from the bottom up. This prevented control of the US by robber barons & the concentration of wealth in only a few hands (which historically leads to feudalism & revolution). Deregulation has now reversed this. Also, at that time, the first sentence of a corporation’s charter had to be that it existed for the public good; making a profit was only a secondary goal. Corporations were audited every 1-2 years to make sure they Did serve the public good. If they didn’t, they were dissolved.

    There’s actually NO law that gives corporations the rights (such as lobbying) of individual citizens. All such corporate ‘rights’ have been based on a clerk’s addendum to a court ruling, and not on any court decree per se. Until corporatists chunk their mottos of “Greed is good” & “Let the buyer beware,” it will be difficult to have peace, honesty, or (increasingly) individual rights & freedoms. – Predatory capitalism says “Greed is good” & “Let the buyer beware.” Fair trade capitalism says “Equal exchange” (both sides profit) & “Honesty is our policy.”

  • Rev Dr.O.D.Robinson Psy.D.

    the people in Iraq do not want any help,I told this story to Harry Smith by e-mail on the cbs early show that those people love to fight each other, I never did hear from cbs as to why that the Iraqisdanceed in the streets of Baghdad thay want some one to fall under their curse, that reporter that used his shoes to hit President Bush, thay are trying to send a messege to the USA to leave us alone, in 2003 the Iraqis people danced in the street of Baghdad
    as U.S. commanders declared Saddam Hussein,s rule over the capital was over, those same people are now holding up the shoes of that reporter and have donate him a new house,some of the Iraqis love what Hussein were doining to other Iraqis,I saw that on cbs news, even little Children dance in the streets of Baghdad so why should we help them, a child slap the statue of Saddam Toppled,I think we as America has a right to speak about what is happen in Iraq and not

    just celebrity, I love America because this is my home.are thay worth spending 10 billion dollar a month on, yes if we were trying to save their soul, and bring them to Christ, I know that President elect Barack Obama can see what I am talking about, that is the reason that he said that he had a time table set to bring the troops home or out of Iraq.
    thank you America

    faith is no good until you used it

    Rev Dr.O.D. Robinson Psy. D.

  • Reply

    My fellow American I want to talk about health care Professional,our President Barack Obama is trying his best to get a health card for the approxmately 47 thousands American that do not have health care are can not go to a physician because thay just do not have the money to pay the Doctor,I am asking the President two asked more America to buy their own blood pressure moniton and temperature gauges inorder for some family to save some money by take their own pressure, and fever,some Physician will charge forthy dollar just to take your blood pressure,the America
    Medical Association need to do some thing about that,and Health care Professional should not ask you to return back to the office when thay know that the patient will be okay just to make money I am a family counselor and when some people need the help I say no charge,and I know that I need the fund,I am makeing this announcement not to provoke anger with the Health care Professional but we as America gat to stand tograther in this economy crisis, and to the America Medical Association I took a MRI test and it cast me 2,600 dollar that is to much for the poor people in This Country, let us all stand with the President we can do better in this Country.

    the key word. is I can I am and I will do better
    Stand with the President on health care.
    Physician we need your help. by now.

    Rev Dr. O.D.Robinson Psy.D

  • Reply

    Well what is on Sarach Palin mind today,in my opinion
    she is still not satisfied about the 2008 election she feel like it was her fault because the Republican
    party lost some one need to inspire her to stay on as
    Alaskans Gov, she is not going to happy by just fishing she need to stay the course,let me ask you a quester if Sarach Palin had been the GOP vice President would have surprised us and resign yes or no Sarach you need to stay the course believe it or not, I know this because I am a Community organizers

    the best word is fishing is not goining to help
    tomorrow may be better for you

    Rev Dr O.D.Robinson Psy.D

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    Community Organizers.
    Why should President Obama apologize to that policeman
    in my opinion it okay,but why do some people in America thank that policemam is all way right in what we do I have been in law for over 40 years as a law inforcer I have been call every thing ecept a Child of God I have been call the N word by many other Policeman and other people and no one ever apologize to
    me thay just say to me you are just one of the minority and that it,pro, Hates might have been a little temperament. but we as lawinfroces have to think in some cases before we act,the policeman had on a weapon and Pro. Gates did not, I know some have call the president a waterloo he except that so why make a big thing out of this case, let us all apologize
    and move on this is america,we as a minority have been call some of every thing but we remain non violent,and pray for peace America we are in a recession, and not a policeman war,

    the key word is for get the policeman and all of the small talk.and stand strong may God bless America
    Google carry this and CBS NEWS and the Early show
    Rev Dr.O.D. Robinson Psy,D

  • Rev Dr.O.D.Robinson Psy.D.

    your Community Organizers for American Subject health care reform bill, my dear American let us stop giving President Obama a hard time let us rid our selfs of the old ways and let us make a change in health care some of us know what a hard time that we have had with Insurancs company, I tell you a true story My wife is having some eye problems we have to go to Memphis Tennessee for her eye care surgery on a out patient care plan she was only in that hospital for about five 5 hours and that
    Hospital charge her $ 26,000 America dollar
    the Physician charge about $10,000 dollar other
    little item $1,000 dollar, my fellow America if we let the President have his way with the health care plan, those high cost in hospital will have to low their cost, poor people just do not have that kind of funds to pay doctor
    for what thay do to us, in the town hall meeting some America might not under stand what is goining on I want President Barack Obama to E-Mail me or call me I will tell the true story,I am a Counselor that help many America, I do not charge any thing for my service it is a donation, it is a shame that physician is charging just what thay want to inorder to live high on the poor America people
    as an Organizers let me not provoke anger with the America people, I am for peace I am an America please help me to help the ones that do not have insurance Google and CBS and ABC NBC Cnn and all other traffic this to the American people

    the key word, we do not need a war on health care send this to the president and the town hall meeting, I live in Mississippi he can come to Mississippi remember the key word no war in America let us live to grater.

    Rev Dr O.D. Robinson Psy.D
    you can e-mail me

  • Rev Dr.O.D.Robinson Psy.D.

    Community Organizers speaked.
    Dear American we as people in America do not need what we listen to while the President was speaking on health care reform, my subject is about cong.Joe Wilson when he call President Obama a lie, we do not need jealousy in the healt care reform to the great American people
    remember President Obama is not trying to get health care for him self it is for the poor American, when Cong. Joe Wilson call the president a (LIE) it carry my mind back to my plantation days you see I was born on an plantation when the rider would call us lier and the N. word the minority in America is in the same ethnic group,we do not need malicious conduct about the health care reform, just vote
    yes or not , but I say think before you act,
    I believe that Cong Joe Wilson need to apologize to All American, and not just the President because we are hurt about that,
    you see My friends in America I have a group of all the six grade boys and we call them gentleman but when Cong. Joe interrupt the President speech thay said what how vicious that was, remember our young America is listen to what is goining on I do all volunteers work I never get paid for what I do,I am a America Community Organizers in order to keep peace
    in America.
    I say apologize two all American Cong. Joe Wilson, I say to Republicans and Democrats, stop the fighting and come up with a great philosophy about health care.
    my wife was in the Hospital for her eyes for about six 6 hours and that hospital charge $26,000 America dollar that was out patient care. the physician charge $10,000 dollar we as poor people just can not pay that kind of money for
    health care and she still can not see at this time it will be about three month before she can see, and she will have to pay another $26,000 dollar or more please help President Barack Obama with the health care reform it is not for him but for all American.
    traffic this, to google and msn cbs news ABC NBC Cnn and all the other site

    think before you act
    the key word is ( no conflict or war on health care reform, thank you.
    I will be at peace. why not you,

    Rev Dr .O.D. Robinson Psy.D
    know when to speak

  • Rev Dr.O.D.Robinson Psy.D.

    greeting to the America people Be glad and people who care about health care,people really showed that they cared when neighbors help neighbors, I am satisfied with President Obama proposals on health care,those of you that are marching in the street you have that right, but please no more Africa national talk as you walk, the slave trade is over remember that the third world Country are watching,
    the American people, let us show them happiness instead of anger, we are free,
    people are ill in this country with no Insurance please help the poor, like me and other, pray for President Obama inspire me says
    he that has no name, but he see and hear every thing let their be joy and love and peace.
    may America be blessed,
    Obama we are inspire by you because you are just a man trying to help the poor.
    your community Organizers.

    theme who is he with no plan.

    Rev Dr.O.D. Robinson Psy.D

  • Rev Dr.O.D.Robinson Psy.D.

    Community Organizers Speak about the change.
    Subject President Obama wins the nobel peace prize because of his diplomacy philosophy,some of the people in the third World country can see what I see,Obama knows that war dose not bring peace to the world it might slow it down but at the end you have to help them rebuild their country, My fellow America the world is changing we have to rid our self of the old ways,some America think that the President should not have the nobel peace prize, but he that has no name said that it time for a change
    the time is now let us lay jealousey a side and hope for a better America,
    quester, don,t you think it time for President Obama to send me a minister award for the time I have put in for him yes or no.
    Remember he is just a man,let us pray for a better American

    who is he that has no tomorrow in mind

    I will be looking for my minister award

    Rev Dr. O.D.Robinson Psy.D.

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    Community Organizers My fellow America count the cost of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan,I say let the President take his time on senting more u.s.troops to Afghanistan let them fight their own war we as America will help , but no more troops the Afghan war
    will not bring peace they will find some thing to fight about for the next forty years, subject count the cost,Iraq $ 60.2 billion this years,and we are fight the health care reform for American who do not have health care insurance think about the cost of more troops
    I say to you most Insurance company take their own sweet time to pay of if at all, and all of the paple work we have to fill out,but they have no problam in receive our money, President Obama take your time,
    let us think before we act. traffice this cbs and google and thank you peace Action

    The struggle gose,s on

    this is election year Republicans is for the rich and not the poor America

    Rev Dr. O.D.Robinson Psy.D.

  • Rev Dr.O.D.Robinson Psy.D.

    Community Organizers
    My friend in America two states have elected two Gop,let us stay with the Democraticed party
    they are for the poorer and not the rich and high class America,next year let us vote Democratics,some America are saying that President Barack Obama made promise,let us look at it from the right side every thing was in a mess when Obama became President,each time that he try to make his promise the Gop fight him, the Republicans look at thing from the hill side and not from the hill top,our President need our help in prayer and ideas
    my dear America let us not mistrust our President with false hope he has a vision
    he is not mixed up let us pull together as America and not look at thing from the hill side miss represention was the war in Iraq
    $10 million dollar a month president Obama went into a mess he is just a man he need time
    to think about the war in Afghanistan as to deploy more u.s. troops to that part of the world,let us help build America strong agains
    and not rate the President on promise.we can do better together as an organizers I asks you to help rebuild American,

    we can we will together.

    we will talk again if he that has no name help us,thank you Mr. President for a good jod in 10 Month

    Rev Dr.O.D. Robinson Psy.D
    if you want to see my picture I sent one to ask twitter to put it up on the web site

  • Reply

    Community Organizers, words that I listen to today about Our President Barack Obama that was not the way an America should speak about Our President,the station was talk network 983 FM 1 they said that some Church in the State of California ask President Obama
    when is a person born they said that President Obama
    said it is above my pay grade,that was not any thing to talk about,that is why the President did not wast his time on that subject,they said that the President did not know the answer, you and I know that it no truth in that, if they want to know when a person is
    born they should ask me, a person that have time to
    talk with them and not President Obama and I will tell them when a person is born,I am a Doctor of Psychology
    and a family Counselor,and I am a philosophy on the laws of existence of the Absolute and occult science I also deals with the Creative God- Law, the Laws of all Existence,
    if they want to contact us at 662-741-2522 for information
    we are in Applied Metaphysics,I do not want America to talk bad about our President Obama if you know those personal,tell them that the President have his hand full. with the two Wars that is goining on and meny more items on the table.


    REV Dr. O.D.Robinson Psy.D

    Community Organizers.

  • Anonymous

    I have a vision that the U.S.A. is under a Iraq curse that is the reason for the shooting like in sandy hook School and the bombing in America and the flood water but we can stand together against the ( curse) from your America community organizer
    believe it or not
    Rev Dr. O.D. Robinson Psy.D

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    Woah this blog is excellent i prefer understanding your articles. Be in the great work! You are already aware, many people are searching around just for this details, you may aid these people tremendously.

  • Anonymous

    When Rev Dr. O.D. Robinson Psy,d speak the American in congress should listen,the shutdown by the tea party in the GOP congress. so let say no to the tea party now more shutdown the tea party is no more then the bleeding Kansas act of 1854, I am known as Oliver Robinson on face book

  • Oliver Robinson

    My predictions is the economy will be stronger in 2014 Markets Investment is better in the third World Country at the time so be wise from Rev

    Dr.O.D.Robinson Psy.D

  • Oliver Robinson

    The people of Uncera do not need American troops on the ground,Uncertain at War let the fight their own War this is to president Barack Obama no more War at this time,the missing airliner what do you think did it fall into the sea let us hope for the best
    the key word is let us not place this on the people of Pakistan
    Rev Dr. O.D.Robinson Psy.D
    on facebook is Oliver Robinson 5011

  • Oliver Robinson

    Airplane missing who do we say that did it i know that you have an answer who do we fault

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