Remembering Sept 11th

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In my life I have been lucky enough to travel to many places in the world. I have met people from China to Scotland. No matter what nationality or ethnicity or religion whenever the conversation turns to September 11th we are united in our mourning. We mourn not only for the lives lost that day; but, for the world and how it has changed since. America had an opportunity to stand above terrorism and with the support of the international community rise above violent reprisal. Our leaders instead chose to wallow in the depths of despair by continuing the circle of violence first in Afghanistan and then in Iraq. Now the war hawks have widened their rhetoric to include Iran.

In all of this we must ask, “Where did America go?” We have allowed xenophobia and racism to infiltrate our thinking – personally and as a nation. I remember meeting with the Muslim couple who ran a small gas station near my college the weekend after the attack. The windows of their building had been shattered and their store was looted by cowards too scared to deal with the levity of an attack on the World Trade Center.

So today, on the anniversary of 9/11, I’m posting solidarity videos from communities where the sweet song of prayer rings out 5 times a day across the landscape. These are communities where people of faith gather to give thanks, do good deeds, and learn. These are the diverse communities of the Islamic world. (well, and you must know by now that I have a major investment in Kosova and her people – so of course their beautiful tribute was included!)


My Professor from AU speaks!


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