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The Post Debate Polls Posted by TOM BEVAN

“Who won the debate polls” are notoriously subjective, of course, so take them for what they’re worth. But according to three post debate polls, respondents think Obama got the best of things tonight:

CBS News: Obama won 39%, McCain won 25%, Draw 36%

Insider Advantage: Obama won 42%, McCain won 41%, Undecided: 17%

CNN: Obama “did better” 51%, McCain “did better” 38%

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  • scotty in dc

    First of all let me begin, with Obama clearly won the debate, even though McCain was more in this debate than any of the previous ones. But it wasn’t John, it was the pressure put on him by his supporters at the rallies, for him to take it to Barrack. They taunted him to “go get him”, “take it to him”….but in doing that he left himself open to a lot punches……that i mind you Barrack, didnt for whatever reason didnt capitalize on. Barrack could have gone after Palin, and McCain’s handling of her…..all the question marks around her judgment, character, associations, her lack of leadership in her own office. How is John McCain and Sarah Palin, who claims, they are mavericks….When its pathetic…..that if she cant confront local media reporters, how is she going to stand up to world leaders… can john stand up to world leaders when they cant stand up to people in their rallies……People Please, let’s get real…….We dont need another Maverick…..that was Bush….the maverick…..that despite the obvious…..took us to WAR in the First place. Enough is enough…..As for Mr. Ayers, he is a college professor now……if he is so bad “how did he win Citizen of the Year? John McCain a prisoner of war, now a prisoner of his own political party……Take charge of your party and definitely your running mate…..who does NEED that ON-THE-JOB TRAINING that you spoke of……IMAGINE PALIN, getting that 3am call that John McCain died in his sleep… dont that scare you!!!!!!!!!…..

  • barbpa

    I actually saw him as rising above the fray – with grace and humor and a PRESIDENTIAL aura. I was very proud to be a supporter of Obama. Peace Action doesn’t endorse him but I gotta say I drank to cool-aid. Now, I’m phone banking for Obama to Ohio and crossing my fingers until Nov. 4th. GET OUT AND VOTE!

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