A Palin Poem

 In elections


as alaska slathers on lipstick and hits the street
and McPalin oil pimps draw maps for drilling her body
as tundra goes tropical, glaciers cry cracks in gaunt cheeks
and cabins on mountains become prime real estate on the beach
sarah palin will sip her skinny in wasilla and prepare a speech
and it will console the hurricane and rising sea refugees to know
global warming just isn’t something she believes
and climate change isn’t caused by driving cars or burning coal
so we aren’t responsible after all. it’s the will of god.

dear sarah
not only are you are the nightmare of every feminist
you make dick cheney look like an environmentalist
when polar bears get in the way of the pipeline’s fist
you punch them off the endangered species list!
and hey– congratulations on winning the rubber dodo
from the center for biological diversity
they named you america’s biggest environmental enemy
for your battle against bears, your war against nature!
you are not a woman sarah, you are a monster
your idea of fun is to gun down wolves as they run from a helicopter
smart capitalist you are, you put a cash bounty on their paws
while polar bears starve and cling to slush with slipping claws
you smile pretty as you preach drill drill drilll
drive the kids to hockey as you kill kill kill

and it gets worse still
hidden in that energy bill
is a blank check for atomic reactors
so while the news debates drilling rigs
you can aim nukes at commie pigs
and regarding attacks sarah
occupying iraq is not “a task from god”
any more than you are an innocent PTA mom
hell, you’re not even just the pinup of big oil
you are a nuclear timebomb
occupying iraq is an international crime
wrong as auschwitz wrong as guantanamo wrong as the rash
of smallpox blankets that’s gone systemic
pushed into the slum beneath our perfect skin
so buy yourself rubber boots get drunk on dinasaur juice
stock up on armageddon soup and and hunt some moose
and make sure schools don’t teach kids safe sex
just teach them how to shoot
don’t hand out condoms give them rifles
as you ban books and preach the bible
and raise a generation like the jock that got your daughter pregnant
when kids advertize themselves online as rednecks
what do you think is gonna happen next?
the rate of rape in alaska is more than double the national average
and sarah palin believes victims should pay for their own “rape kits”
why should the state have to foot the bill for evidence needed to convict rapists
but it’s not really that you hate women, sarah, it’s more like you’re a racist
native women in anchorage are ten times more likely to be sexually assaulted than white women
more than one in three indigenous alaskan women will be raped in their lifetime
but sarah palin doesn’t support abortion any more than she believes in evolution
any more than she supports equal pay or the separation of church and state
according to her, even victims of rape should be forced to have the baby
but what’s more frightening than sarah palin’s bigotry
is an electorate so lost it would put her within a heartbeat
of the most powerful office
what is most unsettling
is not that sarah palin had a trooper fired cuz he dissed her sister
or that mccain when asked how many houses he owns, wasn’t sure
it’s that he tried to deny the vote to those whose houses are listed for foreclosure
most of whom are poor black and lean towards barack
what that means is that despite their love of god
the republicans put their faith in election fraud
and whether by schemes of social terror
or by machines with mechanical error
they are not just at war on iraqis
they are at war on democracy
so if you care about the earth, women, boys, girls, bears, wolves, get on your feet
if you dream of a day when we no longer beat holes into bodies and skies and seabeds and web that connects us to the rest of the world
meet me on the street
~tatiana jacobsen

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