Does Palin know what a precondition is?

 In Election 2008

Add the definition of "preconditions" to the ever-growing list of things Sarah Palin does not know regarding foreign policy. She appears to believe that engaging in diplomacy without preconditions means not having any kind of strategy and just sitting down for a chat.  What Peace Action West, and McCain and Palin's opponents, have pointed out is that diplomacy is a tool you use to produce your desired outcome, not a reward you dangle in front of someone.  Expecting another country to give up a major demand, such as Iran's uranium enrichment program, before even sitting down at the table, is counterproductive and does not lead to real results.

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  • libhomo

    This is the same thing that the Bush regime has said. I think it is spin to make them look like they are open to negotiations and diplomacy without having to actually be open to negotiations and diplomacy.

  • Kathy in St. Louis

    Despite what so many conservatives and politically correct people would like us to believe, this lady is as dumb as a stump. I have so wanted to ask her to recite the preamble to the Constitution. You remember, those simple 3 lines we all learned in 7th grade civics class?
    Bet she couldn’t do it for rubies and pearls.
    So, no, I am sure she would never be able to explain something as self-evident as the term preconditions.

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