Feelin Hopeful?

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Me too!  I know there is a long road to go – and I know our NEW PRESIDENT OBAMA knows that too.  Peace Action will be working hard with this new government to make real changes in our domestic and foreign policy.  Soon we’ll release our expectations for the Obama administration’s first 100 days.  Our demands will include plans for a safe and orderly troop withdrawal from Iraq AND Afghanistan; major cuts to the military budget (especially for nuclear weapons); increased diplomacy and aid to clean up our messes abroad; and, the end of U.S. torture.  That’s where we’re starting – but, there is so much more ahead.

Be hopeful, take heed, and then take action for the world you want to live in.  Obama is not perfect and some of his staff choices lack any connection to real progressive change.  Time will tell what he will do.  We can only promise to be unrelenting and unflappable in our ideals.  For our children and their children – yes we can.

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