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  • khovalyg

    The video showed that chris plant wasn’t there to discuss signing statements. His main desire &/or ‘duty’ was to push the rumor that liberals are hypocrites, as shown by his remark that our objections to signing statements would vanish once obama was in. He then ‘linked’ liberals to terrorism – because, he implied, if the liberal aim of closing the gitmo torture-prison were achieved, detainees would be taken into the US & commit terrorist acts. He smiled throughout, wanting the image of a ‘friendly guy you can believe.’ He also ignored the fact that the Purpose of a signing statement determines its quality.

    Such trashing of “liberal” concerns me deeply. Claudia Koonz’s book “The Nazi Conscience” chronicles the 1930s propaganda and how it escalated into making the death camps ‘acceptable’ to ordinary Germans. Step by step & word by word (just substitute “liberal,” “leftist,” or “Democrat” for “Jew”), corporatist-fascists in the media & public office have followed that playbook, to the point that reich-wing talk hosts now call for violence against us and classify liberals as mentally ill. We already have federal legislation, partially implemented in MD, NJ, & CA, to screen all Americans for mental illness & to quarantine & forcibly medicate us, just as the old USSR did to its dissidents, while simultaneously exempting BigPharma from most death/injury lawsuits.

    This is my first time on the Peace Action blog. On other blogs, I often state that liberals, activists, & revolutionaries established our country & Constitution, & are to be honored for many improvements in education, health, labor laws, environmental protections, etc. – What are your ideas on how to combat the propaganda against leftists, liberals, & progressives?

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