No Soldier Left Behind

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nslbyellowanimated120Help us end the occupation of Iraq and restore the American economy

Your signature will be delivered to the next president as part of our No Soldier Left Behind campaign.

No Soldier Left Behind is a campaign promoting a comprehensive plan to end the war in Iraq and improve the security and well being of Iraqis and Americans. This means making truly effective investments in political, economic and diplomatic strategies. But our first step must be to bring every soldier home, and end the failed occupation of Iraq.

More than five years into the war, Iraqis still lack basic services like electricity and running water, and the fractured government has made little progress toward political reconciliation. Meanwhile, Americans are investing billions of dollars in a failed policy while facing our own economic downturn. The war in Iraq has not delivered on promises of increased security and stability for Iraqis or Americans.

By adding your signature to the petition here you will help ensure that ending the occupation of Iraq and restoring the American economy, stays on the top of the next presidents priorities.

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  • merrily davies

    Where is the change we can believe in?

  • Dino Delano

    Mr Obama President elect, if you fail to bring home the troops and end this war quickley you will have failed not just the American people who put you into office but you will also have failed your self and a history of people such as Martin Luther King. You have the opportuninty not just to end this war but to have this government become a world model for a peace that is possible. This of course takes the courage of imagination and the will to not to cave in to the statis quo of fear which is so prevelant in our government. So I am hoping that you will become the peace maker that we believe you can be.

    • Dino

      Is isn’t so much that Obama hasn’t fulfilled his promises its more that we realize that its industry that runs this country….a sad affair

  • Lutuf Ghantous

    It is impossible to be for peace and apoint officers that have blood on their hands.
    All problems can be solved with negotiation and consultation within UN.
    UN should be the only place to solve international problems and not war.
    Having peace in Palestine will solve a lot of international disputes, peace with dignity, justice, and equality for all parties.

  • William Cole

    I have a problem with No Soldier Left Behind. Reconstruction is just a euphemism for occupation. I don’t think we should sink one more dollar into the Middle East cesspool. Not Iraq, Afghanistan or Israel. It’s just another attempt for the state to conquer at home. I don’t want state hands in my pockets for anything. Let’s give to professional charities like the Red Cross or Christian Childrens’ Fund. O.K., I gotta go back to work.

  • Anchi

    Let us give the man a break, he is not in the office yet, He have to worry on the economy first. It is easy to sit with our lazy ass and judge people. Remember he have to play polotics too! Don’t forget the other side is not going to be easy on him.
    That’s all I can say! The biggest obstacle is our economy. Thank you I have to go back! Let’s think with our brain people!

  • Marie H.

    Mr. Future President,
    I hope you will reconsider your interest in hunting down Osama Bin Laden. He is safe somewhere in Saudi Arabia having his dyalisis needs taken care of. Rather than bleeding the U.S. financially as has happened over the past eight years in this pursuit, please concentrate efforts on bringing the soldiers home, and dealing with this country’s economic, unemployment, energy and health care crises.

    • Dino

      Ben Laden is dead, unless you believe he is carrying a kidney machine with him from cave to cave. Both the US and Al Quida need him alive, its good propaganda for both sides.

  • Tony Abel

    As a Us Airman i think its great gring home the troops but for the economy as it is now, it would be worse. it is cheaper to stay in irac and better secure the area than it is to bring all the troops all their equipment home. the average iraci civilian is as smart as a seventh grader so, yes the need help setting up their gov.

    • barbpa

      ummmm…I’d just like to point out that Iraqis are not ‘as smart as seventh graders’…I hope you are aware that they have PhDs, scientists, civil society, and government leaders too….just like every other country.

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