Peace Group Warns Obama to Reconsider His Plan in Afghanistan

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 3/27/09 CONTACT: Barbra Bearden Ph: 301.565.4050 ext. 330 Cell: 617.240.7253 Or Paul Kawika Martin Ph: 301.565.4050 ext. 316 Cell: 951.217.7285 [...]

Call for National Action for Peace in Afghanistan

Today, President Barack Obama announced his plans to send another 21,000 troops to Afghanistan. This poorly conceived strategy continues failed Middle East policies where military engagement [...]

The good and the bad of President Obama’s plan for Afghanistan

This morning, President Obama addressed the nation to present his new comprehensive plan for Afghanistan. While much of what he outlines reflects a positive shift in approach from the Bush [...]

War Toll

Died in Iraq from Mar 15 to 21: Spc Gary Moore  25  Del City OK 71 Iraqi sisters and brothers were killed. In Afghanistan were killed: Sgt Timothy Bowles  24  Tucson NM Sgt Christopher Abeyta  [...]

The middle path is the wrong path for Afghanistan

I am highly skeptical of the trend in US politics and policymaking of governing from a so-called “pragmatic” middle. This method involves taking two proposals from opposite ends of the political [...]

War Toll

Those who died in Iraq from Mar 8 to 14: Cpl Patrick Malone  21  Ocala FL 152 Iraqi brothers and sisters were killed. In Afghanistan were killed: Cpl Marc Diab  22  Canada Pvt Patrick Devoe II  [...]