Call for National Action for Peace in Afghanistan

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Today, President Barack Obama announced his plans to send another 21,000 troops to Afghanistan. This poorly conceived strategy continues failed Middle East policies where military engagement serves as the primary tool. The war weary American public does not support an escalation of the U.S. presence and neither should the President.

While he also made some good statements on increasing diplomacy and economic aid to Afghanistan and Pakistan, the emphasis is clearly on military operations. Predictably, the Pakistan and Afghan factions of the Taliban are already uniting to oppose our escalation of troops. As the spring fighting season approaches, only one thing is certain — more death, destruction, and misery in a desperately poor country that has had little respite from war for decades.

Here in the U.S., Obama’s escalation in Afghanistan and the continuing occupation of Iraq threaten our nation’s urgent economic and domestic agenda. Now is the time for more diplomacy, not more war!

Peace Action calls for immediate action for peace in Afghanistan. Here are four things you can do:

1) Call the White House today – 202-456-1414 – to show your immediate opposition to President Obama’s plan.

Make sure President Obama knows that you disagree with his plan to send more troops to Afghanistan. Call the White House comment line at 202-456-1414 between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM ET.

2) Call again on TUESDAY, March 31st.

Nationally, dozens of other organizations will make coordinated calls to the White House. This planned day of action will show the strength of our movement and reflect the national discontent with unending wars.

3) March with Peace Action and UFPJ in New York on April 4! Join us at the corner of White and Lafayette streets in Manhattan at 11AM.

Building on the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we are marching on the anniversary of his historic speech against the war in Vietnam and the anniversary of his assassination. On Saturday, April 4, we are taking our message to Wall Street in NYC: addressing this country’s economic crisis must include drastic cuts in military spending and that means ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The last thing our country needs is a new quagmire in Afghanistan – it is time to bring the troops home, not send more.

4) Help organize local actions April 6 – 9

Congress will be in recess so this is a perfect time to meet with your representatives while they are home. Actions can also be community or media-focused — vigils, rallies, public education forums with local speakers, film showings or other events to educate and mobilize support in your community. Here are some resources to get you started. This is an important time to educate people about Afghanistan and the urgent need to change U.S. policy. Find a Peace Action affiliate near you, here.

Peace Action Supports:

  • A halt to the planned escalation of 21,000 U.S. troops to Afghanistan.
  • A strong commitment to diplomacy as the only solution to the conflict in Afghanistan. The U.S. must support negotiations already underway among various actors in Afghanistan, and must also engage all countries in the region with a stake in a peaceful Afghanistan. The announcement that Iran will join negotiations over Afghanistan is a positive development. The U.S. should foster this development by openly engaging Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the Taliban.
  • A dramatic shift from military spending by the U.S. to funding for Afghan-led humanitarian community development and reconstruction projects to enable Afghan communities to improve daily life for their own people. Our goal is to put an end to U.S. war funding.
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  • Myrna Ulrich

    I made My Call to the Whitehouse Earlier this Morning, and also send a email to Obama’s Website, this is a Outrage, and We need to have Our voices heard, I have send out various emails to family and friends… Myrna Ulrich, Madison Wisconsin

  • Pamela Anderegg

    Mr. Obama is right on track. What is needed is food, shelter, medicine. Why do you think the Hammas was voted in? They supplied the people’s basic needs. That’s what we must do for Pakistan and
    Afghanistan. Don’t be so narrow minded about how peace is created.

  • Alexa Myers

    While I’m no fan of war, I don’t feel sufficiently informed to make the requests (this organization)is asking for. In LOTR they had to fight for their freedom – war is used in many ways that are not necessary, but don’t know or have time enough to find out on my own about all of the countries in the world and all of the history…I am a healer, that is my commitment, & I believe one can only have one real commitment besides their human needs. I would like to help heal this situation, but how do we know what the troops will do? It will not be perfect – we colonized India (well Britain, same difference really – but not at the same time).
    Sometimes I wish we could say it’s none of our business, but I just don’t know. Please let me know if you make post more info – will read if led to the info – thanks!

  • Jane Klorer

    I really think that President Obama is making a big mistake here. I have called Senators Kennedy and Kerry in my home state of MA and my congressman Congressman Olver . We just cannot escalate this situation but need to withdraw our troops from both Iraq and Afghanistan,
    Jane A. Klorer, RN, BS, MS Oakham, MA.

  • Jane Klorer

    Hate to say it but this is just not what I worked for and voted for . MY FEAR is that it could lead to a Palin/Gingrich win 2012! AWFUL! Jane A. Klorer , Rn, BS, MS Oakham, MA 01068

  • James McQuaide

    I tried calling Pres. Obama at the number you gave. Apparantly their switchboard is closed until Monday am.

  • Tom Goforth

    While I think that the increase in the number of our troops in Afganistan has not been adequately justified by the Obama administration, I don’t think that Peace Action is making a good case for complete withdrawal from Afganistan. I too favor diplomacy and negotiation over open warfare, but I believe that our military presence is necessary for now. We are dealing with the Taliban and Osama bin Laden here after all. There is not much evidence from Afganistan right now, to my knowledge, that would indicate that avenues of diplomacy are open. I also wonder if Al Quaida would be affected by any diplomacy and negotiation.
    I definitely am against escalation of the war in Afganistan, but I am in favor of engaging bin Laden and the jihadists, if they are unwilling, as I believe they will be, to come to the table. I am fully in favor of funding the humanitarian needs of the Afganistani people. I will not be taking any action until I understand more about the situation there and the goals that Obama is pursuing with increased troops. I would like to know more from Peace Action in terms of what you believe the specifics of the current situation are. Thanks!

  • Gene W. WaggonerII

    We are entering into another quagmire. We need to use more diplomacy and promote more humanitarian action in Iraq and Afghanistan, that help the people of those regions.Our war tactics promote fear and hate.

  • Natalie Burrows

    I wrote immediately to the president upon hearing his speech about commitments to Afghanistan. I plan to march on April 4th and will take other actions in between then and now.

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