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There are many who would like negotiations with Iran to fail. That’s why I am going to Iran in two weeks to deliver your message of friendship to Iranians.

President Obama is moving toward a major diplomatic initiative with Iran, and by sending a message that average Americans want peace, we can help get these negotiations off on the right foot. So we’ve made it really easy for you to record a message of friendship to Iranians.

On May 15th, I will join a delegation of citizen diplomats going to Iran to help build understanding between Iranians and Americans. This is a crucial time to loudly support Obama’s plan for diplomacy, because Congress has been sending Iran the wrong message.

For instance, just this Tuesday, twenty-five senators introduced legislation that would give the president new authority to sanction foreign firms that sell gas and other oil products to Iran. The Wall Street Journal reported that Rep. Mark Kirk (R-IL), a co-sponsor of similar legislation in the House, “expects sanctions would initially trigger anti-U.S. riots by Iranians, but longer-term, he thinks the measure would dry up Iran’s gasoline supply, causing its economy to crater and unemployment to spike.”

What would you rather say? Please call 1-469-212-0832, and dial extension 86309 to tell Iranians what you hope for in America’s relationship with Iran.

Politicians and pundits in both the United States and Iran build support for an approach to the world based on force and aggression by dehumanizing the “enemy” and exploiting people’s worst fears.

But regular people like you and me can take their power away by putting a human face on the US and Iran and showing that ordinary people in both countries support each other and want to build a strong, respectful and peaceful relationship. By demonstrating that Americans and Iranians are more alike than we are different. Share your personal hopes for peace with Iran in a recorded message, and I will make sure Iranians see them.

It is much harder to advocate for sanctions when you know a child who will go hungry, or bombings when you know families who could be killed. Thank you for sharing your positive hopes and vision for friendship with Iran.

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  • G.N.L. Machacek

    Peace Be with you,
    All over the world, there are people who KNOW that cooperation, celebrating diversity, and non-violent conflict resolution are the evolutionary inevitability for the survival of human kind.
    The majority of global nation states citizens are controlled by a few whose loyalty is profit motive based. Basic human rights – clean water – wholesome food – clean air to breathe – freedom of thought, speech, spiritual belief and ethnic culture – dignity -mutual respect – equality regardless of gender,income, skin color or philosophical creed – these are global individual human needs and rights that have been lost by the wayside as arrogant myopic individuals within powerful groups promote agendas that are not inclusive of the whole picture.
    Invasion, occupation, subjugation and forms of enslavement – enforced by brutality – has been practiced by every culture, globally, as far back as our recorded history can remember.Some humans have a tendency to be arrogant, greedy, controlling and angry, and this causes the destruction and misery of war.
    Every Empire that has grown to dominant proportions has fallen, only to be replaced by policy and procedure makers that repeat the same elite profit motive tactics.
    All citizens want peace. Globally, we all want the same things. We should have learned by now that we cannot get them through war, or, through anthropomorphic egocentricity.We will only succeed through peaceful cooperation and balance. We are a part of nature, not the dominant controller of it. We live in a highly diversified world. Only through cooperation with and respect for our differences, only through peaceful co-existence based on the truth of equality, will we succeed.
    It is in the hands of the creator – who is called many things in many languages, and yet, is beyond all those names – that our fates lay. It is in the evolution of our selfish, dominating egotistical greedy nature that our survival is dependant upon.
    I join my heart and the work of my hands with all the peaceful beings on this planet who choose to promote just, cooperative, sustainable, peaceful solutions to disagreements.
    It is my prayer that those people in every nation, who are in positions of policy making, military authority and procedural enforcement – evolve and open the intelligence of their heart to become aware that money is not God, and that the worth of human beings and- indeed- all of the life on this planet – is not based on money nor ruled by one group of human’s point of view.
    Peace be with you,

  • Miriam Spencer

    Thank you for what you are doing. I loved your story of having dinner with an Iranian family. Please tell the young people who biked across Europe and the US thnak you, and keep up ;the good work. I will pray for you and for peace!

    • Rebecca Griffin

      Thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoyed the story. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to spend time in an Iranian home, and I’ve enjoyed all the interactions I’ve had with people here in meetings or out and about in cities. I will be sure to pass your message along to the Miles for Peace folks, and hopefully we will be able to facilitate more people to people contact so you can tell them yourself!

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